Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sundays at Home #12: Updated Dining Room Idea

Two Sundays at Home posts today?!?!?!? 
Oh yeah... :)

Sundays at Home #12: Updated Dining Room Idea

Now I am no interior designer, so please don't be harsh or too critical of my ideas.
& I am still finding my interior design style.
I mean if it were up to me I'd hire an interior designer.
But I don't really have that kind of extra cash floating around.
Someday!! LOL.
Anyway, I have updated/changed the decor in the house so many times.
From light blue to turquoise to now navy...
Which I think hope is here to stay...
But anyway...
the color palette I am thinking of is navy, neutrals and a light lavender. 
Emphasis on very light purple... I showed my bf my inspiration
& he said AHHH too girly. I said okay okay let me make the purple paler.
And I have been wanting to change the chairs & table since we got them...
But I can't complain since we bought the table & chairs off Craig's List for cheap!
I love bold graphics & prints and love the look of the horizontal striped curtains.
I think/hope this would be an easy DIY project...
And I want BIG GOLD picture frames with graphic prints inside for the wall.
I didn't add much because I don't want to spend anymore than $100 on this update.
I already have the black paint... 
Think it's possible to spend $100 on 2 frames, white paint, navy fabric, 
white curtains, & lavender fabric paint??? 
I think it's totally do-able... we'll see though...
I hope someday I can make my house beautiful enough that people will be inspired by it!
A girl can dream right? :)


{Photo Credits} Curtains (originally blue & white but Photoshopped to be light purple) via Our Love & Our Blessing Blog // Table via The Furniture // Chair via me (Photoshopped to be white & navy blue) // Peonies via iStock Photo // Lighting via me // Wall Art via me // Gold Frame via iStock Photo

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Candice said...

You have great taste!! I'm excited to see how it turns out!!

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