Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding #22: Long Distance Love & 100th Post!

This week's guest post for Layla at Simply Savannah Events was inspired by 
The vintage feeling of the shoot plus the maps gave me the idea to have a 
Long Distance Loving themed wedding inspiration board!
Check out the full inspiration board here!
Considering my boyfriend & I were long distance for 10 months...
I really enjoyed this idea!!! 
Here is a sneak peak!

Wedding Inspiration #22: Long Distance Love

Pinned Image

P.S. I find it super cute this post is my 100th!
Of course something having to do with my man would be special like that! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding #21: Rustic Fall Farm Wedding

I am a week behind on this post.
I should have posted it right before Layla posted my inspiration board...
But oh well, from now on I will work on my timing!
Anyway, every week I will be doing a guest posting of a 
Wedding Inspiration Board for the event planner I assist & work for!
I'd love your support over on her blog so she keeps letting me do my guest posts for her! :) 
Last week my post was inspired by Thanksgiving, fall, barns, & anything rustic!
Check it out here

Wedding Inspiration #21: Rustic Fall Farm Wedding

To see the full wedding inspiration board go over to Simply Savannah Events!
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P.S. I also meant to post this with Thanksgiving...
What am I thankful for?
My amazing supportive dad, my family, my best friends, my love dove, 
my dog Winnie & much more.

Keep Your Head Up

Boy oh boy.
I really need a pick-me-up.
That's why I figured this was some good inspiration
for a rainy day when I am feeling down.

Gotta keep chasing my dreams
& praying someday I can make it happen.
Until then,
I really gotta keep my head up.

Pinned Image

P.S. Cute little thing, today while talking to my dad about my situation, he was like well on the bright side you live in Savannah with your soulmate. :) 

Wedding #20: Ombre Lovin'

Oh hot damn!
My 20th wedding inspiration board!
This is HUGE.
It's so funny to look back at everything I've done since I started my blog in.. July?
Anyway, since this is my 20th, I decided to do something that I personally love.
Not to say I don't love all the other themes, but this is a theme that is really me.
Well, they all are really me.
This is making absolutely no sense.
I have ombre hair, I love ombre stuff, almost as much as chevron.
So here it is... the ombre board! 
If you are really confused & thinking to yourself, now what the heck is ombre? 
Well, just look below... & you'll get it pretty quickly! ;)

Wedding Inspiration #20: Ombre Lovin'

Is it just me or does ombre remind you of California, surfers, & summer?
It definitely does for me! 

Pinned Image

Photos: backdrop from Ruffled, ribbon from Roberts Crafts, flowers from A Desire to Inspire, bridesmaids from Jill Thomas Photography, table setting from Elizabeth Anne Designs, cake from Manolo Brides, heart from Erin Ever After, dress from Nordstrom, ring from Neiman Marcus, flowergirl from My Girl Dress, nametags from BV Weddings, headband from Elizabeth Perry Collections, cookies from Oh Desserts

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fancies #12 & Wedding #19: Black Friday

Yup decided to combine Friday Fancies w/a wedding inspiration board today.
Just because it's Black Friday so obviously the theme for both?
Black & more black.
Personally, I don't really wear black that much because I don't like it on me.
& I prefer bright obnoxious colors way more!
So first things first, 
This Friday Fancies was inspired by Possessionista's posts on Hart of Dixie.
This is by far my favorite new show! I love love love Rachel Bilson!
& the show is so adorable!

Friday Fancies #11: Hart of Dixie & Rachel Bilson inspired Black Friday

For my black wedding inspiration board,
the first thing I found that I really liked were the black on black invitations,
then the black baroque frames.
Which gave me the idea to do a Paris & Black inspiration board!

Wedding Inspiration #19: Paris & Black

Happy black friday ya'll!
Hope you found some amazing deals! :)

Pinned Image

Friday Fancies Photos: jacket from Nordstrom, jeans from Shop Bop, shoes from Asos, Rachel Bilson picture from Fan Pop, earrings from Shop Bop, bracelet from Shop Bop
Wedding Inspiration Board Photos: cake from Hostess with the Mostest, eiffel tower from French Affair, star from For Back Door Friends, hairpiece from Designed by Seragun, invitations from Jolie Jolie Design, frames from Wedding Favors, cupcakes from Le Cupcake, dress from Shop Bop, frames & Parisian decor from Indigo Pearl Studio, favor cones from Faithful Crafter, thank you cards from French Country,  flowers from Attention 2 Detail, table decor from Attention 2 Detail, wedding dress from Vera Wang for David's Bridal, vases from Royal Bebe Shop, bride from The Knotty Bride, pillow from Digital DoDads, heels from David's Bridal, cakestand from Handmade Cake Stands, necklace from True Rebel Clothing

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's raining can I stay under the covers?

Must force self to be productive.
Finally I have a day where instead of working in the morning I don't work until 4.
Despite the fact that means I don't get to spend time w/the bf,
It is really nice because I have all day to productive.
And I have a lot to get done today.
My reminders list on my iPhone makes me cringe when I look at it getting longer.
Honestly I wish that was all there was on it..
But that is just the must do asap cannot avoid needs to happen.
I think I cringe just because I know that all of that means spending money...
Except the returning my impulse buys!
Anyway, I gotta get some blogging out of the way since it's been a few days,
Then I am going to tackle my to-do list with the utmost effort possible!
So anyway, 
I'm going to my boyfriend's ball in December...
& I could not be more excited!
I am pretty girly girl... & always love any excuse to dress up!
So I just had to do an inspiration board for a ball!!!! 

After making that I'm really tempted to go to Genealogy
to look at dresses...
Pinned Image

Photos: notepad from Shabby Blogs, dress from Rent the Runway, shoes from Shop Bop, earrings from Shop Bop, clutch from Shop Bop

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Dazzling Glitter & Gold Birthday

As my birthday fast approaches (Nov 30th)
I can't help but want to make an inspiration board
for the most dazzling, sparkly, gold, amazing birthday ever.
I just think diamonds & gold make such an amazing combination personally.
Some might say tacky or over the top, but I just love anything that sparkles & glitters!
Not that mine will be that way considering I just moved here in August
& definitely don't have enough friends yet to have some lavish affair.
But a girl can dream right?
Plus, I'm sure I will have an amazing birthday regardless with the amazing friends I have made so far!

Oh & btw, is that dinosaur candle holder not the funniest/cutest thing you've ever seen?
Maybe not appropriate for a 23 year old birthday... but maybe for a 1 year old!?

A Dazzling Glitter & Gold Birthday

Photos: garland from Steph Loves Ben, dinosaur candle from Seesaw Designs, dress from Rachel Gilbert Shop, ring from Shop Bop, table decor from Celebrations at Home, mason jar from Shop Dirty Laundry, cupcake (actually bath fizzies) from Your Dirty Laundry, stars from Memrie Mare, clotheshangers from Luna and Chloe Weddings, bowl with ornaments from Celebrations at Home, flowers & table decor from Celebrations at Home, clutch from Nordstrom, shoe from Pretty Stems, drinks from Hostess with the Mostest, cupcake holder from Primp My Cupcake, bracelet from J Crew,   

Some New Updates

#1: Inspiration Board Links Page
I'm really excited I finally got around to doing this!
I've added an Inspiration Board Page!
It took a while to make and link up everything,
but it makes it really quick & easy to scroll through them
to go directly to a themed wedding or event!

#2: Fixed Link Withins
What a pain...
But I realized this morning that when you click on a diff post
It goes to my old blog name...
Well, it should be fixed... grrr

#3: New Side Links to Twitter & Pinterest
Wanted something cute & simply & bold.
Got it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fancies #11: Mix Match

I personally don't ever mix & match.
I'm not really sure why, it's just never been my thing.
And this was ridiculously hard... I think I started over like five times...
Hahah & FINALLY I was able to finish my Friday Fancies before Sunday!!!
Lol, oh & I really want some light tan boots now like that...
TO DIE FOR. Beautiful! 
Looks like I"m going shopping this weekend!
Well, and I gotta go gift shopping for Christmas!

Friday Fancies #11: Mix Match

Ooooh my first post with the new blog name!!! :)

Photos: boots from Shop Bop, necklace from Shop Bop, ring from Shop Bop, shirt from River Island, purple ring from River Island, skirt from River Island, belt from Shop Bop

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New blog name & URL

I have done some thinking & decided it was time to change my blog name & URL to fit better with what my blog is really about! It all started as a way to document my move to the south but looking back I haven't done much of that at all. So I have changed it from Swalski Moves South to something I think is a little more sophisticated & descriptive of what my blog really is all about. So I chose my first & middle name... Nicole Rene & Design!

Considering most of my posts are either wedding/event inspiration, interior design, or fashion... I think it is def a better description! :)

Now I just need to make a new header... Grrrr

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gray & Yellow Living Room

Inspiration for how I am redecorating my living room.
Decided to go with a yellow & gray theme!
If you follow me on Pinterest it is pretty obvious that is my fav
color scheme right now for everything! 
I also saw in a few living rooms that were yellow & gray a splash of turquoise!
And I thought it was just the cutest thing so I decided to add that in!
We'll see how it turns out...
I really need to show off my bedroom because
I think I did a great job decorating is with a light blue & orange color scheme!

Happy Tuesday!
I wish...
I'm not really that happy today.
One of my dad's best friends died today.
He was only 58 & he was a really great guy.
I remember when I was a little kid he fed me a chocolate covered cocktail onion
& told me it was candy...
I guess my dad was in the hospital w/the guy's wife & he was telling her
about me and my boyfriend and how it could be hard since he's in the army
& if we were to stay together we might have to move, but that
my boyfriend is a really sweet, caring & loving guy who loves me a lot.
And Steve was groggy & out of it because of all the morphine, 
but for a split second he just said, "That's all that matters."
When hearing my dad say that about my boyfriend...
Pretty neat story.
I just still hate it when amazing people have to die so young.
I guess God wanted him in Heaven with him.

Well, now that I am all teary eyed... I guess I better go fix my makeup & head to work!
So... ya.

Photos: couch from Overstock, antler chevron artwork from Aldari Art Studio, mirror from Opulent Items, chevron pillows from The Lacey Placey, gray pillow from Festive Home Decor, ottoman from Novi Decor, seahorse statue from Jonathan Adler, vase from Jonathan Adler, flowers from Get Best Flowers, rug from This Next, tree from Biblio Cad, lamp from Sky Iris, table plant from Pier 1, dog bed from Bow Wow Divas, dog from my loving home!! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding #18: Simply Shabby Chic

A year ago if you said shabby chic, my response would have been huh?
But after getting involved in blogging & wedding inspiration boards,
I am a huge fan of shabby chic! 
Especially for weddings, I think it's magical & so so pretty!
So here it is finally! 
By the way, Morgann Hill Designs on Etsy
has some of the most amazing stuff ever for a shabby chic wedding!
Her shop is simply amazing!!! 

Wedding Inspiration #18: Simply Shabby Chic

Photos: cards on tree from Sparkle and Hay, picture frames from Shuga Bee Lane, ampersand sign from Rivalry Time, cake topper from Morgann Hill Designs, boutonniere from The Brides Cafe, flowers from Grey Likes Weddings, guest book by Morgann Hill Designs, cookies from Ali Bee's Bake Shop, bracelet from Alona Freeman, guy with bouquet from Sparkle and Hay, hairpiece from Enchanted Dream Wedding, dresses from Bride Chic, girl with bouquet from No Knows Weddings, table set up from Hostess With the Mostest, books from Shells on the Beach, dresses from Such Pretty Things, wedding arch from Shells on the Beach, boutonnieres and flowers from Grey Likes Weddings, flower girl from Me Tutu, clothespin decor from I Love This, car sign from Grey Likes Weddings

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding #17: Red, White & Blue

In honor of Veteran's Day,
a wedding inspiration board!
I hope you all had an amazing Veteran's Day
& also made some amazing wishes
at 11:11 on 11/11/11
I sure know I did!
Now, if only my wishes come true, I think I'd be set for life!
My boyfriend, dog & I had an amazing Veteran's Day!
We went to downtown Savannah & ate at J Christopher's outside
& had a front row seat for the parade,
we literally got to watch the entire parade go by!
It was an awesome day!
Then I got to show my biffle the dresses I picked out for his ball...
Which we still have yet to choose.
More on that later!

Wedding Inspiration #17: Red, White & Blue

Photos: flower girl and ring bearer from Elizabeth Anne Designs, cupcakes from Pinterest, flags from All the Trimmings UK, wedding photo from Wedding by Color, magnet Save the Date from My Little Chick, bow tie from Little Vy's Tie Shop, suckers from Simply Divine Desserts, parfait from Edible Crafts, umbrellas from The Slightly Obsessive Bride, bowl with hearts from Sewn Natural, dress from Shop Bop, favors from Style Me Pretty, drink tray from Pinterest, flowers from 100 Layer Cake, invitations from Delight Ink, shoes from Nordstrom, table decor from The Slightly Obsessive Bride

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fancies #10: Gold Rush

I love gold so naturally I loved this week's theme!
That's honestly really all I have to say about it!
& wow hot damn is that watch not to die for?
Definitely going on my Christmas wish list!
I've also wanted that bracelet for forever...
So my gold theme turned into Gold & Orange!
& I'm personally sorta really loving it...

Friday Fancies #10: Gold Rush

Photos: Watch from Shop Bop, bracelet from Pinterest, dress from Top Shop,  cosmetic bag from Shop Bop
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