Thursday, June 21, 2012

Society Social Pillows

Can I have all of these pillows?
The answer is no because I'm cheap & doubt I would spend $54 on a pillow.
All my throw pillows on our couch are from Target or Kirkland's at about $18 a pop.
But when I have a big girl job making big girl money then maybe I will buy some $54 pillows.

Society Social Pillows

Oh man...
I just did 2 Insanity workouts in a row because I missed a few days & wanted to catch up.
I am so exhausted now... & I have to go to work for 6 hours.
It is going to be rough!!!!
I want to fall asleep...
Maybe coffee run on my way to work? 
Oh by the way... check out how ridiculously cute my pets are!

Pretty cute right????
I'm in love with both of them.


1 comment:

christine donee said...

i'll take all of them, too.

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