Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fancies #30: April Showers

I don't know how many April showers we will get around here... never lived in the south in the spring before! But I can tell you one thing, I'm not a huge fan of rainboots but I do really love wearing boots when it rains to prevent my pants from getting wet, & I really really want these Frye boots...

Friday Fancies #30: April Showers

But really can I please have those boots????
So anyway, I discovered Instagram this week...
I have seen it all over blogs lately but I have yet to check it out.
I'm pretty much obsessed already...

FISHTAIL BRAID... chikca chicka yeaaa

longboarding while walking Winnie? So fun...

Paint chip ombre art

my cutie patootie 
she looks crazzzy

Oh yeah...
So much fun.
Anyway, I'm off to work at a wedding today!!!!!!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding #42: The Lorax

Okay I have a confession. I sort of really badly want to go see Lorax. Especially since Taylor Swift is the voice of the girl in it... Is that pathetic? Ya.. don't answer that. Anyway, I had this brilliant silly/ridiculous/fun idea to make a wedding inspiration board on it. Oh yeah, this totally is happening. I just love all the bright colors & what not. Can you tell I am somewhat a kid still??? 

Well, even so, the pink, orange & yellow is perfect for a preppy summer wedding!
Now if only I could get my boyfriend to see this movie with me...

Wedding Inspiration #42: The Lorax



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dream Wedding #11: The Reception Party Time Dress

Today for my Wedding Wednesday link-up with Something Charming, I decided to do a post on reception dresses! I love the idea of having a fun reception dress so you can party after the ceremony without the heavy wedding dress weighing you down, especially convenient if your wedding is outside & in the south where it's normally hot & sweaty! I don't really know if I would want one or not... but I do think they are cute!!! Especially paired with some adorable cowboy boots or some sexy heels... Here are 3 very different but fun looks I put together! Which one fits your style?? 
Dream Wedding #11: The Reception Party Time Dress

So, I have been working at a bridal shop now for 5 months...
So I though it'd be fun to share my top advice for brides searching for their gowns:

Envision the decor of your wedding. You most likely want your dress to match. 
i.e. If your decor is very rustic & vintage than it would look out of place to be in a ball gown. 
Similarly, if your decor is very glamorous than it would look out of place to be in a vintage lace dress.
And the list of examples goes on... This tip has helped a lot of my brides make their decision.
Example, a week ago a bride was stuck between two gowns.
One was an organza fit & flare gown with loads and loads of tulle detailing.
The other was a taffeta mermaid gown covered with floral details & pearls.
Her wedding was going to be on a plantation.
The floral details & pearls screamed southern to both of us.
And the cherry on top was a pearl necklace & she was sold.
She chose the dress that she could envision herself wearing in the venue she had chosen.

Anyway, off to another day at the bridal shop! 
Everyday is something new, so we'll see what it's store for me today! (pun intended...)
Have a great day! 


Photos: {LOOK 1} dressheelsfloral hairpieceearringsclutchring {LOOK 2} dressbootsearringsclutchring {LOOK 3} dress, heels, earrings, ring, clutch, headband, bracelet

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding #41: Rustic Shabby Chic

This Wedding Inspiration comes from a bride I had today. 
As you may know I work at a dress shop selling wedding dresses. 
Today I have both a really great story & a really sad story. 
I guess I will start with the happy story because this will explain my inspiration for this board. 
So, the bride today had purchased her wedding dress back in November of last year. 
It was an ball gown with loads of tulle & lots of layer and some major bling bling. 
Well, come March & after all the planning she had a session with her photographer a week ago. 
First of all she couldn't fit into her dress barely & when it was zipped all the way 
she felt like she couldn't breathe & just really didn't feel like this was her dress. 
Also, the decor for her wedding is very rustic & shabby chic 
and she felt like her dress took over and didn't belong with the rest of the wedding. 
She was very upset & teary eyed about the whole situation 
but she came in today to find her perfect dress.
Well we bonded & we found her the perfect dress!!! 
It was a very vintage gorgeous A-line dress with loads of lace.
I just know it will look perfect in the setting of both of her ceremony & reception!
She was so so so happy & gracious! A few hours later I was told I had a call. 
Well, I answered & it was her mother calling from New Hampshire just to thank me for helping her daughter find her dream gown & she gushed about how happy and beaming her daughter was. 
It really was a special moment & I teared up with happiness!
 It is moments like that that really make me love love love my job. 
I just love love love making people happy!!! 

So, she described some of her decor to me.
Lots of rustic shabby chic decor.
Lots of burlap & twine!
So I want to do an inspiration board for a wedding just like hers!

Wedding Inspiration #41: Rustic Shabby Chic

How adorable is the window panel with the lace in it??
I kinda wanna make one of those for my house.
It's so freakishly adorable!
And I love that hairstyle with the fishtail in it! Gorgeous!
And uhhh how about that The Coop picture??
Check it out here on Green Wedding Shoes.
And omg isn't that last picture of the ceremony decor absolutely gorgeous?!?
I'm swooning right now.
Now to a more sad story from work today...
I answered the phone & the girl on the phone asked to speak with a manager.
We are supposed to try & solve the issue before getting a manager so I asked if I could help...
She started talking really fast & explaining that she has a dress on layaway & she needs to cancel it...
because her fiance died.
She started crying & just talking really fast & it made me cry too.
All I wanted to do was be able to reach out & hug her.
It was so sad.
Can you imagine?
Something that's supposed to be one of the most magical days of your lives
To be planning your big day
& to have it cut short & have the love of your life taken from you before you get it?
I can't imagine...
My heart goes out to her.
What a horrible thing to happen.
I hope she is doing okay out there.
& whenever something like that happens it just makes me want to hug & kiss my boyfriend!
& let him know how much he means to me!
So there you have it.
I teared up today for 2 reasons.
One really really really really good, the other really really really sad.
May he rest in peace.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fancies # : KOBE! LA Lakers Inspired

Today's Friday Fancies theme is March Madness (i.e. create an outfit for your favorite basketball team). I'm honestly not a sport person at all but I like to stick with the theme. So at first I was like okay I'll base mine on the Trail Blazers, my hometown team. But then decided no way...

Gotta do the LA Lakers & this would be why...

Yup. You guessed it.
Me as a Sophomore dressed up as Kobe Bryant for Halloween.
I even gave myself "corn dreads" as I liked to call them.
So yeah, I was a Kobe fan, but only because it was the only kid sized jersey they were selling.
& I wanted it to be fitted... hahaha, I think I still have it somewhere?
So yah I have no idea how the LA Lakers are doing
I don't think I've ever watched them play once honestly.
I just really am not a sports person at all... but whatever.
Anyway, here is my hoopla team inspired Friday Fancies outfit...

Friday Fancies # : KOBE! LA Lakers Inspired

Anyway, I have so much to do errrrr day.
And I'm throwing my first housewarming party next weekend!
So many decorating I need to finish before then...
So basically all of my free time will be spent fixing everything up!!!
I'm about halfway done sanding the foyer table & I finished my herringbone artwork!
Only like 4 more projects to go... haha.
Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Post Wedding: Tea Party

Today has been an insanely busy day. From getting a foyer table off Craig's List, to sanding it for hours, to driving around town for way too long, to girl's night & a terrifying story of a break-in... it has been crazy. So no new post today for Wedding Wednesday on Something Charming, but I would like to share the inspiration board I created yesterday for Layla! It was inspired by a wedding I worked at 2 weeks ago & Alice in Wonderland. Here's a sneak peak & I'd love it if you go check out the rest of the post on her blog!

Wedding Inspiration: Tea Party

I am seriously scared though...
& am contemplating learning to shoot guns & then buy one...
Just for when the boyfriend is out of town...
To feel more safe...
Just saying...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Tour #1: Shelf Decor

Disclaimer: {Before looking at the images let me be the first to say,
I need to find my camera charger!!!! My iPhone is taking blurry photos lately!! Poo!}

I am no professional interior decorator...
Just a girl trying to make our home beautiful,
I have been having a blast decorating our house
These shelves are the first thing I am completely done with,
so they are the first thing I will be sharing!!! :)
Except I really hate the fake white flowers, I need to find something else to put in there.
These shelves are in our living room on this hugeeeee wall...
Our living room has a kinda but not really beachy feel to it
& is turquoise and gold and a day ago I decided to bring in a touch of lime green.

When I bought those pom balls at Target the checker laughed at me. 
Not even kidding... she was like hahaha what are these?!?!
I didn't know what to say, but hey I thought they were super cute.
I wanted to start recycling bottles & painting them to use as vases
But I sorta liked the look of the Jack Daniel's label so just decided to leave it be
& remember the mason jars from this post?!
The seahorse candle holder & flower vase is from Kirkland's.
The little painting was like $6 bucks at Home Goods
& I think that lantern is from Target.
The lovely plant is from my lovely boyfriend & the bucket used to be hot pink
So I obviously had to spray paint that...
The frame with the picture in it is from a mural I used to have in my old bedroom,
I had 9 frames with images from wedding magazines :) 
I like to be surrounded by good inspiration, so instead of packing them away
I decided to use them for this shelf & the bookshelf in the corner.
I might change the images in them later, but for now I really like them.

Anyway, I just got done crafting my herringbone artwork!!!!!
5 hours later...
Post coming tomorrow {later today...}


2 Weeks of DIY-ing

My boyfriend is gone till next Sunday.
That means I need to get my serious crafting on & decorate this house!
I just need to get it done!
I just spent the last 3 hours looking at DIY tutorials, interior design blogs, etc.
& I found some freaking awesome stuff.
You all need to check out every single one of these projects
Because they are on some freaking awesome blogs!!!
Anyway, here are the different things I want to do before he's back...

Restoration Hardware Knockoff Dining Room Table
& reupholster/paint dining room chairs with turquoise lattice fabric & cream paint

Lyrics ombre art print... just gotta figure out what song...
Most likely for in our room (lots of blank wall space to work with)

I love this, must have these for our dining room!
They'll match the gold chevron pillows in the living room :)

This would be perfect for our entryway wall but in lighter turquoise & lime green.

I love the chalkboard idea to write messages
& the nailhead trim around the push pin board is such a cute idea!
I want this in our kitchen to clear up the clutter on the counters!

I fell in love with moss at the wedding I worked at last weekend...
Today while walking Winnie I had the idea of making a C & an N
and then putting them on each side of some large artwork for over our TV

I haven't decided yet where I want this...
It will either be in the living room & be turquoise, tan & lime green
Or in the bedroom & be navy blue, light blue & silver.
Must find perfect spot for it.

I've already started on one project.
I wanted to start on more but my Adobe Illustrator tutorial is finished :(
And I need Illustrator to complete them.
I might have to make some trips down to SCAD to use the library there...
But anyway, my first project is a simple wall art print for our living room
that says "Home is Where the Heart is."
It's ombre, with a bow & arrow... are you intrigued yet?
Pictures to come as soon as I get it printed!!!!!
Now I am off to the fabric store, Home Depot & Michaels.
Just gotta figure out which project to tackle first...


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