Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dream Wedding #7: Chairs

I was inspired to write this post on Saturday. I worked at a Valentine's Day party... (uhh ya not sure why they would have one almost 2 weeks after???) But anyway, this is the 2nd event I've worked at with white seat covers. Now I don't mean to offend anyone who might like them... But to me they look like bed sheets. And they look cheap & super tacky. So I wanted to make an inspiration board on some awesome chair covers & alternatives. Perfect for this week's Dream Wedding Wednesday! 

Dream Wedding #7: Chairs

I really like the idea of using streamers & ribbon for chair back decor.
It's super cheap & looks really pretty.
Although having to set that up probably takes quite a bit of time!!
For a vintage/rustic wedding, I think the look of mismatched chairs is fun.
Could be difficult though if you have a lot of guests.
Other than that, chiavari chairs are my favorite as far as rentals go.
I think they are pretty & classy and don't even need a cover.
Although I have to say the Ghost chairs are pretty freaking cool.
Would be so perfect for a modern wedding!!!
What do you all like?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Post Wedding: Southern Plantations

Today I'm guest posting on Simply Savannah Events
This week for the inspiration board I used inspiration from one of my fave shows, Hart of Dixie.
so wish I had included some pictures from the show! 
Guess that means I'll just have to do a part 2!!! 
Anyway, go on over to her blog to check it out & leave some love! 
Here's a sneak peak! 

Guest Post Wedding Inspiration: Southern Plantations

I loved looking at all the beautiful plantations in the south!

And, one more things...

Go check out my bio on Simply Savannah Events
It's been so fun getting to know Layla & working with her! 
The wedding season officially starts for us this Saturday!
We'll be working at a wedding in a historic square in downtown Savannah
& the reception is being held at The Gulf St. Legion. 
I'll be in charge of making sure the ceremony runs smoothly 
while Layla sets up & prepares for the reception.
I am pretty excited because this event sounds like it is going to have some amazing rustic decor!
I'll sneak some pics, don't even worry!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Wedding #37: Military Weddings

Last night the bf & I went to see Act of Valor. Wow it was amazing. Absolutely incredible. I loved it. I cried & so did the boyfriend... haha. But I cried a lot more I'd have to say. I would definitely recommend it to anyone & everyone. It made me put into perspective how lucky I am & made me proud to have such a brave boyfriend who is in the army. Anyway, since I love taking real life stuff & translating into a wedding inspiration board... so this post is all about military weddings! Which is perfect since I help women all the time find their wedding dresses for their marriage to their military men!

I knew the first image I wanted to use in this inspiration board
I ran across this shoot by her a few weeks ago...
& am not going to lie, it made me tear up. 
& I've been wanting to use it on my blog for something ever since.
So here goes!

Wedding #37: Military Weddings

Oh my gosh!
I am watching Say Yes To The Dress
& the couple on there met in the hospital.
The guy is in the army & got injured while overseas
and she was the nurse & met him at the hospital!
He has survived through 34 surgeries...
What perfect timing that I'm making this post while watching this. 
Anyway, hope you all enjoy the inspiration!
I know I didn't include much decor & way too many kissing pictures...
Guess I'm just in a love dove mood! :) 
Hope you all have a fabulous week! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sundays at Home #4: Wall Art

How awkward is this huge blank wall space? It drives me absolutely crazy... You can't see it in this picture but on the left there are some awesome shelves & the right there is a bookcase, both which are decorated. But then in the middle just this boring black space over the TV. I really think we should have probably mounted the TV or something & made it a little higher, but oh well. So anyway, I'm all about saving money... & considering wall art is ridiculously expensive to me, I think I am just going to attempt to design my own wall art. So this Sundays at home post is some inspiration on wall art that I really love. I wish I could say I'm spending this Sunday at home, but I will be working again today! Right now though I am watching some National Geographic haha. I never used to like this channel but then one day the bf & I were watching some "guilly-mots?" dive into the ocean & I've been addicted ever since. 

Sundays at Home #4: Wall Art

That first image is the exact colors basically of our living room...
It's mostly tan with different shades of turquoise & a splash of gold accents.
The living room has a very tiny bit of beachy-ness but it's very tiny
& really means a seahorse candle holder & a pillow with coral on it.
Oh & I have a 2 part painting my friend made of the beach.
So whatever I decide to make, I want it to tie in & mesh with the room not clash.
I'm nervous to see what I come up with... hahhaha hope it's good! 


Photos: 12, 3, 45, 67, 8, 9, 10, 1112

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do I like chevron?

You could say I really like chevron. (i.e. the chevron black & gold dress I'm wearing today & oh yeah there is a sneak peak of my bedroom with the chevron pillows on the bed...) I know it's so totally a trend right now, but it is one I love. This is a quick post since I'm off to work for 14 hours today. Yeahhhh... 7 at the bridal shop & 7 at a venue I work at! Yes, sometimes it does suck working all weekend, but honestly I really enjoy all 3 of my jobs a lot & so right now since I am really working towards my dream, it is all worth it. Plus my boyfriend has to work all day too so for once I'm not leaving him at home all day. Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous Saturday & here is just some chevron pins from Pinterest that I just love love love! 

I still have yet to figure out where to put some chevron in our living room.
But trust me it will happen!
Anyway, if you are just loving chevron...
Go check out my chevron wedding inspiration board here


P.S. I'm not sure that picture I took of myself could be any nerdierr...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Fancies #25: Hollywood Glamour & Wedding #36

I really wish I had more reasons to dress up. I dream of being a celebrity, just saying... I would so love getting to dress up all the time!!! So I was real excited about this Friday Fancies & decided to create a Hollywood Glamour wedding inspiration board! 

Check out my first Hollywood Glamour wedding inspiration board here!

Friday Fancies #25: Hollywood Glamour

P.S. It took me about an hour to pick out that dress...
Which just shows how long it takes me to find a ballgown.
I think I tried on maybe 25-30 before picking mine for my boyfriend's ball...
& uhhh everything in this Friday Fancies costs a whoppin' $1952...
not including the dress which is undisclosed.
Can you imagine wearing an outfit/makeup worth that much?

Wedding Inspiration #36: Purple Hollywood Glamour

How awesome looking are those purple succulents?
I want some succulents in my house so bad!
But I have noooo idea where to buy them???
Anybody know?!?

Anyway, happy Friday!


Homework Break! Voodoo Doughnut Time!

No new post today because I'm working on homework!
Actually a project I really enjoy! 
Want a sneak peak?
I had to recreate a logo for a company, so I chose Voodoo Doughnuts.
I've finalized the logo so now I'm just working on the coasters & t-shirt designs!

It's definitely favorite project we've done in Vector & Raster Graphics.
Do it to it! 
Hope you all are having a lovely day! 


P.S. I went on a major shopping spree today...
I spent a lot on new home decor from Kirklands & Target.
I'm really liking how everything is coming together!
Posts coming soon!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dream Wedding #6: Anna Campbell Dresses

Linking up again this Wednesday with Something Charming! & Oh my goodness gracious I am excited about this post because I think I have found the designer of my dream dress. Anna Campbell. Just try & look at all these styles and not be able to ooh & ahh over their beauty. I dare you. I just love the details of the backs of these dresses! I do sorta wish she had a more fitted mermaid style dress though. Then I would be even in more love. 

Dream Wedding #6: Anna Campbell Dresses

Check out her site because all the dresses are really intricate & gorgeous!
Although her site is very poorly designed
& it is almost impossible to scroll down...
But still check them out because
they just are so stunning to me & have a very
vintage but all beachy but all Greek goddess sort of feel...

Do you all have any favorite wedding dress designers??
I also am a big fan of Vera Wang & Pnina Tornai...
Both very different from Anna Campbell.
So you can see I am going to have a very difficult time
finding my perfect dress when I get married.
Because I like a lot of different looks.
Probably working at a bridal shop...
Makes it more difficult than you'd think!! Haha!

Happy Wednesday!! 


Photos: all

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wedding #35: Whimsical, Mystical Fairy Tale

I read my horoscope basically every day. I know I shouldn't believe in these things, but it just sometimes seems so spot on... especially today...

"Your mind wanders to faraway places, and your imagination is kindled with thoughts of the exotic, mystical, and fantastic. You feel restless and bored by your daily routine. You may be unable to concentrate on mundane matters and you may find yourself daydreaming. If you can't get away, watch a movie or read a book that will let your mind wander to those places you want to be. An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic life or support system. Your tendency to follow your heart more than your head acts at cross purposes to those who care for you. This could be a no win situation that requires walking a fine line on your part and calls for you to be a bit more patient and taking the time to think things through."

I don't want to get into the personal matters that are stressing me out lately, I'd much rather daydream today. And that is why today's wedding inspiration board is all about things I'm daydreaming about....

Wedding Inspiration #35: Whimsical, Mystical Fairy Tale

P.S. the first image is from Love & Lavender
and you must check out the styled shoot...
It is fabulously cute & adorable!!! 


Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post Wedding: Green Wedding

Too busy relaxing & letting my brain breathe tonight to create a new post.
Me & Winnie are having some quality time watching The Bachelor.
Which I must say is the dumbest show ever & I can feel my brain cells dying.
But anyway, go over to Simply Savannah Events to check out my guest inspiration board!!!

Here is a sneak peak! 

Guest Post Wedding Inspiration: Green Wedding


Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fancies #24: Key West Vacay

I could so go for a vacation. Preferably to Key West. I've never even been to Miami & now that I live a meer 8 hours away... It must happen this summer. So anyway, when I heard what AV's Friday Fancies theme this week was I was sooooo prepared/excited to make my dream outfit for a day in Key West.

Friday Fancies #24: Key West Vacay 

I'm trying to get ready for bikini season again...
I've been bad about working out lately, 
but yesterday I started my daily runs with Winnie again. 
Since Winnie is old she doesn't run fast,
So I created a workout for me while "running" her.
I do 20 high knees, 20 kick backs, 20 shuffle on right then left, then 20 grapevine right then left.
I know, I know.
People who see me probably think I am crazzzzy.
But trust me, when your dog runs slower than you walk 
this is the best way to get a really great workout.
And at the end when she was really slagging behind
I did lunges.
So sore.
But hopefully if I keep this up I'll be ready to rock a teeny bikini by summer!
& maybe if I'm lucky my bf & I will be having lunch here...


Photos: dress, wedges, bag, sunglasses, fedora, camera, swimsuit, watch, earrings, ring
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