Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journey into the Unknown

My first time in Savannah was when my bf & I drove cross country for his move. I instantly fell in love with the city.
I just loved everything about it, especially the trees & the downtown area & just everything.
For the first time in my life I sort of feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.
I'm relatively optimistic though.
Tomorrow I'm driving to Savannah, Georgia. 
I will be there for an entire week to find a place to live & job hunt.
Then I'll be going back to Portland for a week.
I'll be hanging out with friends, my nephews & fambam, and volunteering at the Dew Tour.
Then my dad & I are driving cross country back to Savannah.
And then I'll be moving into my new place.
This is all very exciting... 
But I can't help but be extremely nervous. & anxious.
Every time I've gone somewhere new I've already had a job lined up.
When I went to Dublin, Ireland I had an internship.
When I came to Greenville, South Carolina I was working for my uncle.
Now I am going to Savannah with no job. 
I have saved up enough to survive for about 2-3 months.
Depending on how much fun stuff & shopping I do. :) 
I'm really scared & nervous, but at the same time I am so excited.
So excited, because this is it.
This is life. 
And now I am journeying out there to follow my dreams.
And try to do what I want to do.
And make a career & become successful.
This is what you spend your younger years doing. 
Learning everything you can so that you can go out into the world & succeed.
I think I'm ready. 
I hope I'm ready.
No no, I am ready.
I have set my mind to this, & I just need to do it. 
One of my favorite quotes:
"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars."
I just pray that if I search hard enough & keep at it & don't give up that I will find a job within 2 months.
So tomorrow, the journey begins. 
And until then... I will be listening to Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer on repeat. 
Only rainbows after rain, right? :)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding #5: A Disney Wedding

It's a Saturday night & I am watching a Disney movie...
Yup, I am really cool I know...
Anyways, I decided to make a wedding inspiration board based on the movie.
Take a guess at the movie!

Wedding Inspiration #5: A Disney Fairy Tale


Photos from David's Bridal, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Wedding Bee, Weddepot, Wedding Co. UK, Get Married, Johnny Gonzalez

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fancies #1: Jessica Simpson Collection

A Summer Day in Jessica Simpson Collection
I saw this Jessica Simpson collection dress at Dillards a few weeks ago & fell in love.
I refused to let myself try it on because it was a little more than I wanted to should spend...
But I keep coming back to it.
So, that is why I chose it as my staple item for my first Friday Fancies Link-Up! 
Everything in this is from the Jessica Simpson Collection. :)

Now if only I had tried that dress on so I knew what size I needed
so I could do some online shopping! ;)

Photos from Jessica Simpson Collection

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding #4: Barbie Marries Ken

Alright, so I've already discussed my obsession with Johnathan Adler's interior design...
Well... I found a little's girls Heaven...
A real-life Barbie dream house designed entirely by him!
His dream house got me thinking... & more thinking...

So, Barbie meets Ken.
Barbie swoons over Ken's hot bod.
Ken falls for Barbie.
Barbie marries Ken.
Although, I think in real life they actually got divorced?
I can't remember their current relationship status as of current.

Whatever, doesn't matter...

This just had to happen, just for fun obviously. Personally, I am not a fan of pink anymore because I overdosed on it in high school & college. But I just thought it'd be fun to put this together! :) 

Wedding Inspiration #4: Barbie & hot pink

Now that I have overdosed AGAIN on hot pink, I think I might puke.
Hahaha :) 
Happy Thursday! 
[I'm especially happy today because tomorrow is my last day of work & then I got a lot to do all weekend then I venture to Savannah on Monday! It's all happening so fast... but I love it!]

Photos from Wedding Bells Blog, Johnathan Adler, Style North, Ashley's Bride Guide, Pink, Nordstroms, Seriously Rad Blog, Captive Creativity Blog, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Adrienne Maples Blog, Sapphire Celebrations

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bangs or Part?

Every month this happens to me.
And it drives me crazy... but I can't prevent it.
It just happens.
They're unruly, they're completely out of control. I can't even describe how crazy they have become.
When I work out, they get so sweaty & droopy that they stick to my face and I can't see anything.
Since I refuse to let my bangs be cut shorter than my eyebrows it happens every month.
Now they have grown out & I have to make the colossal decision...

Do I change my part? 
I love Lauren Conrad's center part look:
Not sure I can rock it though... Here is my attempt from a few months back...
It only lasted a day because I am not someone who does my hair on a daily basis & I didn't like the center part when I had my wavy morning hair after sleeping in wet hair after a shower...

Or do I cut them & keep them the same as they have been for my whole life basically?

[Random fact about me: I once had straight-across bangs because 
after a break-up I had the desire to change something drastic. 
So I took the scissors & cut them. It turned out pretty bad, 
but my friend's mom helped me cut them straighter... 
The outcome? I wore my bangs in a braid for about 2 months.]
Decisions, decisions... hmmm...

Wordless Wednesday #1: My Best Friends



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My First Link-Up

I am not really sure I get this... but I'll give it a go.
I clicked Link-up to Go Grad Girl's Blog about Why she blogs.
I think that means now I write about why I blog?

Why I blog?
There are a few reasons:

#1: I want to go into Event Planning. 
One day I ran across a Wedding Board on a blog & I loved it. And I have some experience using Photo Shop, etc. & I instantly was like I want to make these & I want to learn everything I can about planning events. I figured having a Blog would require me to start making these & using the web to learn everything I could on my own before actually taking classes or getting a job. 
But that's not all... my blog has grown...

#2: My move to Savannah. 
While looking around in the blogosphere I started seeing some awesome home decorations & I got inspired! So what did I do? I wrote my first post on how I want to decorate my new home! Well, my online inspiration turned into real life searching for home decor... which led to me changing my mind completely [aka. my post tonight]. So blogging turned into a fun way for me to express & showcase my design ideas. I figure I will start writing more about my new experiences in a new city as time goes on! 
But that's still not all...

#3: I love shopping.
So, I figured if I'm going to showcase my wedding board inspiration ideas & my home decor ideas, why not showcase my personal shopping style? Yup. Done. I hope to someday turn my Sunday Shopping Steal into a Link-up? We'll see. One step at a time Nicole, one step at a time! 
But I mean there's more to me than just that...

#4: Relationships, love? 
I am a pretty open person. Obviously, or I wouldn't have a blog. But at the same time, I hide my emotions. I find it therapeutic to be able to talk about things like my mom on here. No one has to see me cry, it's just me and my blog. And people can read it if they want, but if not... well, I got my feelings & emotions out & someday I can look back and read it and I know it will make me smile. Or maybe cry? Okay... but one last thing I promise...

#5. My obsession with the Bachelorette & Twitter. 
This is just not okay for people who follow me & only 10 other people. Blogging is my way of minimizing my live tweets about the show... now if I were around my friends I would not feel the constant urge to say something about what is happening via Twitter. But this summer, I'm not near any of my friends & so I cannot stop this urge... therefore Tweeting overdose. 

I'm sure I could write more. But I'll leave it at that. 

Now you know, why I love blogging!

Change My Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes...

Scratch my home decor ideas from a few days ago.
After countless hours [well 3] I have given up on trying to find a shade of coral that I like.
I'm super picky & I don't want anything that is too pink or too orange... 
Also, the decor that I kept being drawn too did NOT go with a desert/cactus theme.
So therefore, back to the drawing board.
Well not really... because before this whole coral & light blue idea came up
I wanted to do black & white & light blue and have a really modern chic room.

My inspiration: Johnathan Adler
I am obsessed with his decorating styles!

Problem? ALL of his stuff is WAY out of my price range.
So... a lot of my new decorations may be via DIY [if I'm courageous enough to try it.]
Or, it will just be stuff that is similar...

What I want? 
{I've done my best using GIMP to re-create what I want so bear with me. Hehehe}
Hahaha... so uh yeah that came out good eh? 
Well, anyways! I think I will stick to this theme/color scheme because I really like it.
So, some DIY projects in the works? 
{The links are to the online tutorials I've found on some awesome blogs!}

#2: Chevron artwork on the wall [I'm thinking black, light blue, & navy instead of colors shown]

This will be interesting. I'm going to start with the wall art.
It looks the easiest...

{More coming soon!}

P.S. For more stuff I like, check out my Home Decor Pinterest Board

Photos from Johnathan Adler, Sugar Bee Crafts, Overstock, Seventh Avenue, This Little Home at Etsy, Deep Purple and Blue Blog, Zebra Home Design, and The Bean Bag Store

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bachelorette Rundown #2: Fantasy Suites

My Top 2 Prior to the Show:
1. JP
2. Ben F.

This season has gone by fast! I can't believe we are already to the Fantasy Suite episode.
So excited to see how it turns out! 

#1: Ben F. 
Darn, I missed getting to watch their date! I'm going to have to Hulu it tomorrow.
Cheesy when Ben takes her out of the water. 
But I liked it.

#2: Constantine
Love her crop top on their date.
The scene of them swimming by a waterfall seems straight out of a movie.
I'm jealous...
I predict Constantine will be sent home.
Whoa, just realized my boyfriend kind of looks like him...
Except for the hair, my bf has "monkey butt" hair. [Tehehehe]
Yeah he is definitely not getting a rose. 
Well, Obama is now interrupting the Bachelorette for an extremely long time...

{& we are back!}

OMG I did not see that coming!
Well, good thing he was honest. Wow. 
Goodbye Constantine, go get a hair cut please!

#3? RYAN? WHAT!?
Why is Ryan back? 
My prediction that Mickey comes back was wayyy wrong.
I don't get how they can come back on the show? 
If they don't get a rose shouldn't they be gone for good?
I feel sorry for Ryan that he came back basically to be sent home again. 

#3: JP
Another adorable crop top! I want it!
Namenalalala!? Lol. Tongue twister much?
Awwwwwwwww... JP!!!!! I want them to be together!!
I just adore JP so much & think Ben F has no chance!
OMG that was evil when she made it seem like she said bye to Constantine AND Ben F.
Jp-"Uh yeah I think I'm into that Fantasy Suite!" Haha!
I really wish he would just tell her that he loves her already... Grrr...

My Choice:
1. JP

Hmm... can't wait to see who it is her sister dislikes so much!
YESSSS Can't wait for the finale!
But Chris Harrison says it's coming up next week...LIES.
It's not for 2 weeks...

P.S. On a completely different note that goes along w/the Bachelorette...
Got retweeted/responses by 2 past contestants on Brad Womack's season. 
This is exciting because: 
1. I am addicted to the Bachelor/ette; 2. I am addicted to Twitter!

Ashley S replied to my tweet about loving 
Constantine's dad throwing out $20 dolla bills!
@AshleySpivey  hahahha I loved that! Such a pimp! 

Shawntel retweeted my tweet! :) 
@Shawntel_Newton @brittbillmaier @shawnteln_crew cannot wait!!!!! I love you bachelor girls live tweeting! Best part of my Monday!!!! :) 

Obviously I'm suuuuuper popular. [KIDDING.]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

~Remembering Sandy~
Today my mom kept seeming to pop into my head.
This was special because I don't know my mom.
I never had the chance to meet her because she died of breast cancer when I was a baby.

So there were 3 times today when I thought of her:

#1: My dad told me I looked exactly like her in 
the picture of me in the sweater I posted yesterday.
#2: I almost got hit by lightning... 
while walking into the gym a bolt of lightning hit the ground about 5 feet in front of me. 
[I SPRINTED & screamed like a maniac to get inside after that!]
My mom survived getting struck by lightning!
#3: I saw a huge rainbow that almost seemed like it was perfectly over me. 
While at the store I could see the arc on the left side [the picture above.]
Then while driving home I saw the other side of the rainbow. 
Everywhere I went it was like it was exactly over me. 
Rainbows have always been a really special thing to our family that always
makes everyone in my family think of Sandy, so it was really special to me! 

I like to think days like this are when she is watching over me & happy about what I'm doing! 
And that must mean she's happy & excited for my move to Savannah too!! 

Love you mom!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Steal #1: Free People Sweater

So... I really like shopping & I also really like sales & bargains.
Therefore, I am going to start doing Sunday Shopping Steals
to simultaneously showcase my style & something I found for a great deal.

Sunday Steal #1: Free People Zip-up Sweater
Today I scored. 
I went to Marshall's to return a pillow I bought & then I looked around at the clothes.
I found this awesome Free People Zip-up Sweater & just had to have it.
I love the casual laid back style of it. 
I'm a huge fan of unexpected zippers in random places on clothes. 
[The shorts from Forever 21 have zippers on the side]
Also, it has my favorite color, coral, in it. 
And the material is awesome & so soft. 
I can just picture myself lounging around all day on the couch wearing this.

Retail price: $100
My price: $29

Happy Sunday & Happy Shopping! 

Wedding #3: A Taylor Swift Love Story

I love love love Taylor Swift. I know every single word to every single one of her songs.
When on road trips I listen to all her songs from all her albums...ONLY.
I have a hard time listening to her music without wanting to know every single detail of her life.
When with friends we usually have to turn the Taylor Swift off
because I won't shut up asking question after question about the song & her. 
She hugged me at her concert & I cried I was so happy...
Anyways, T Swift seems like such a romantic & so I just had to use her as inspiration for a board!
It's filled with sparkles, chandeliers, fairy tales & romance!

Wedding Inspiration #3: Taylor Swift

Well, now I can't wait until she gets married so I can be invited & see her fairy tale wedding! Haha ;)
I really need to buy tickets to her Speak Now concert...
Here's some pictures I took from her concert I went to:

Me in front of her tour bus!
My bff, Eric, & I before the concert. 
I took this while she was singing "Tim McGraw" [this is right before she hugged me!]
Best concert I have ever been to by far!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

New home? New decor

Something about finally having my own adult place... I just want it to be absolutely perfect.
So the past few days instead of online shopping for clothes
I have been looking at room decor ideas. I think I have finally got it.

My main inspiration came from... (this is super random I know) these wedding pictures.
I absolutely love the coral & cactus and I think that those colors
will go great with my light blue Michael Kors quilt.


Decor colors: coral & tan with light blue accents & flowers cactuses or uh cacti?

I just realized that this color scheme is basically the SAME as my blog color scheme
except that I'm going with light blue rather than a minty color. :)
I guess it fits since I really seem to like the color coral w/a light blue or minty green!

Well, I'm excited/anxious to see what I find & how it ends up looking...
& obviously will be posting pictures once I have decorated & 
actually found a place to live!

Photos from Pier 1, Ikea, Urban Outfitters, HGTV, Good Housekeeping, Digsdigs, CocoCozy, Better Homes & Gardens, Decor Pad,
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