Monday, August 29, 2011

Decorating To Do List

Orange chevron table success.
Other decorating projects...
I have lost direction.
So this blog's main intention is to get me back on track.
I have a lot more I want to do but when I'm out & about shopping at stores I get really distracted.
& I am like ohh this is neat, oh this is neat too??
Hmm, then I end up with junk that I end up returning.
So I really need focus.
By the way, I got so desperate to blog that I am sitting by the pool right now at 11:15 pm & blogging.
I was in the clubhouse but it was way too cold & I am sick of air conditioning.
So instead I am going to get eaten alive again. 
Whatever, blogging is therapeutic & so worth it to me right now!

What I still need want to do:
1. More decorative objects for my bookshelf
{Note: I love this! I know this is originally for a wedding by Martha Stewart but I think it would be super cute to have a few of these on my bookshelf!!! I like how her website has all the directions on how to do this... this is definitely on my to-do list!!! The candlesticks themselves are from Woodcrafter, & then they are painted with Montana Gold Spray paint which can be bought from Dick Blick. Easy enough!!! & another project that is relatively cheap!}

2. More orange accents
So the orange chevron nightstand turned out amazingly!
But other than that orange all I have are 2 vases with orange flowers.
Which, don't get me wrong, are great accents but it is just not enough for my liking!
So I have a few ideas in mind:
Orange Chevron Frame
{Note: how amazing would this be!? This picture frame is by Campbell & Co. It would correspond to the orange chevron night stand... & it's only $10. I think this is something I'm going to buy FORSURE as in probably I'll buy it tomorrow. Sorry checking account. I'll make up for it someday when I am racking in the dough ;) This shop is awesome though, they have the cutest rings that are only $5! I might have to purchase one of those too.. & they even have orange chevron coasters. It's love at first sight}

Peach Mum Ring
Orange Chevron: Ceramic Coasters
Orange Damask Decorative Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches Sweet Potato Orange on Natural
Floral Pillows Blue and Coral Throw Pillow Covers  20 x 20 Inches
{Note: these orange pillows are from Festive Home Decor & they are an amazing Etsy vendor! I bought some chevron print pillows from them & I am just obsessed with all their designs! I would highly recommend checking out their shop. Especially because not only do they have some of the best designs I've ever seen, but they are so affordable!!}
3. Revamp my dresser
I know my dresser is brand new & all, but it is by far the boring-est thing ever to look at.
It's just plain white & has nothing special about it.
& after seeing this I am slightly obsessed & drooling... overlaybefore.jpg
{Note: these art project pictures are from Ohdeedoh & I am just drooling at how awesome it turned out & really am going to attempt something like this because I love this look! It is done using something called O'verlays by Danika CheryleThe best part about them is they are affordable!!! Ahhhh!!!!! But seriously I am obsessed.}

4. More wall decor
One idea I have is using magazines & artsy pictures that I like & getting a bunch of them & then getting a bunch of white or black frames & framing them to make something like this:
{Note: this picture is from NL Designs. & let me tell you, once I found this girl's blog I was hooked. Not only is her name also Nicole, although she spells it Nichole... but she has incredible style! I love everything on her site!! And I definitely envy her living space & some of her work. She is an inspiration & I would recommend checking out her site!}
Target Bright Patterns Tile
{Note: these are from Target! They are super fun... I wonder if this would be an easy DIY project?}

Photos: picture frame, ring & coasters by Campbell & Co., pillows by Festive Home Decor, dresser from Ohdeedoh, O'verlays from Danika Cheryle, artwork picture from NL Designs, wall art from Target

Wedding #7: Sweet Home Alabama

I've been meaning to do this wedding inspiration board for awhile..
Ever since I watched Sweet Home Alabama on CMT.
During eliminations she sits in this country lane,
all the trees are lit up
& she's sitting on the back of an old Ford truck.
I loved the rustic romantic feel!

Wedding Inspiration #7: Sweet Home Alabama

Can I please mention how obsessed with Etsy I am?
Super obsessed.
I just love it! It's so easy to use, so affordable, & so creative!
I just can't get over all the stuff on there & I want it all!!!

Photos: Ford truck from New Old Ford Trucks, Wedding dress by White Romance, Banner from Style Me Pretty, Cake from Martha Stewart Wedding, Flowers from The Cutting Garden, Mason Jars from Project Wedding, Invitations by Cottontail Digital Press, Plate decor from Hostess with the Mostess, Candy bars by Twine, Flower buckets by Shabby Road 125, Cake topper by Mudpies & Marigolds, Rose petal aisle from White Me, Outdoor decor from A Diary of Lovely Blog

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Steal #4: Black Blazer

I have officially started my new job.
The uniform? All black.
Well, since I have lost weight I had to go get some new black pants...
But while browsing the sale racks at Target for some black pants I ran across this black blazer.
Simple, chic, cheap.
What more could a girl ask for?

Sunday Steal #4: Black Blazer

Retail Price: $27.99
My Price: $14.99

I just love sales!!!

I love messing around styling with braids!!!  This style made me feel like a ballerina!

Happy Sunday & happy shopping!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fancies #5: Gold Wedding

So this Friday's theme is Weddings.
Wow, so weird. 
I mean I really hope my boyfriend doesn't see this blog or he might have a panic attack.
Anyway, it's kind of weird to look at stuff that 
I would like rather than looking at stuff for certain themes.
I mean I don't have any idea.
I haven't even thought twice about my own wedding.
So I just stuck with something simple. 
I love gold & sparkly things.

Friday Fancies #5: A Golden Affair

Oh, wow I completely forgot...
So my sorority helped volunteer at a Wedding Expo in Tacoma & we got to model dresses!
Here is me in the dress I modeled:

Happy Friday! TGIF!

Photos: Invitations from Wedding Place, Earrings from Stella Dot, Bouquet from Silk Wedding Designs, Heels from Nordstrom, Dress by Siri, Cake from,  Nail polish from Kaboodle, Hair piece from Faux Feed, Ring from Tiffany & Co.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pillars & Flowers

So in my very last post which was like 5 minutes ago I talked about the awkward space
between the wall & my dresser.
I'm thinking maybe 2 pillars like this w/the matching flower arrangements on top?
I really like these...
I wish I could picture it in my mind.
I did see pillars similar to these at AC Moore.
Although it might be a little too much white next to my dresser so maybe I would paint them.
I need an interior designer's brain for a second! 
Vintage Modern Pink & Gray Bridal Shower

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby cowboys?!

Part 2 of the baby shower blog post!
Instead of changing the theme, I kept it the same since it would be for the same person...
So a lot of the things are the same but in baby blue!
I am loving this horse/country theme personally... lol!

Baby Shower Inspiration #2: Horses & Boys

On a completely side note...
The apartment is going great!
We barbecued last night by the pool & had a nighttime swim!
It was a lot of fun...
ALTHOUGH... I have been eaten alive.
I bet those mosquitos are getting fat after feasting on me.

Wordless Wednesday #3: My Cousin

Cousin Jamie

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fancies #4: Back to Work!

J.Crew Back to School Work
This week's Friday Fancies theme was Back to School.
Well shoot.
I graduated in May & the last thing I want to do is think about school.
So... I did a spoof on it, & did Back to Work!
Well... it's not really back to work since I haven't even started yet.
But, if you have been reading my blog you will know that I am in the process of moving to Savannah.
I signed the lease today & I move everything in tomorrow!
I'm pretty excited because I got an amazing new bed that is a Queen (for a Queen like me obv)!
And I have a walk-closet!
And a dog is on the lease! 
(My roommates, not mine... If I had one there would be pictures all over this blog, trust me!)
Anyway, so since I start my profession soon, I am doing Back to Work!
And I am not one of those boring people who dresses boring & blah just because it's work.
No, no, no. I love work clothes! The more colorful, the better!
I decided to step it up a notch on the sophistication & so this is Back to Work JCrew style.

Happy Friday! TGIF!

Photos from J.Crew

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jump then Fall

Love is scary.
I don't think anything sums it up better than Taylor Swift's Jump then Fall song.
It's sinking in.
Tomorrow we finish our road trip & drive to Savannah.
From Portland to Savannah to be near the guy I fell in love with.
I'm excited, happy, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, ecstatic, etc.
All these emotions all at once.
I made the jump & now I fall... hopefully not brutally though...
I'm not real good with owies.
I am scared because I have no idea what the future holds...
But I am just going to go with it, & pray my heart doesn't get broken.
In the meantime... I'll focus my energy on my other dream.
To become an event planner.
Here we go.

P.S. On a side note... I'm obviously a huge Taylor Swift fan...
And if you are too like me,
& if you can't listen to her music without wondering who each song is about...
Then I would suggest you read this.
Haha, okay right now if one of my friends were here they would be 
making fun of my TSwift obsession.
Anyway, goodnight.

Obsession #3: Bar Cart

Day 4 of road trip...
Actually I guess today doesn't really count since we only drove 45 minutes today.
We are currently in Nashville, Tennessee. 
We are staying at the Gaylord Opry Land Resort!
It is incredible.
It reminds me of something you'd see in Vegas...
I am currently lounging on our personal balcony & blogging.
It is my way of unwinding... & I'm loving it.
The only thing that could make this any better?
An iced coffee w/a splash of vanilla flavoring & a razor.
My razor is done-zo & personally I prefer my legs to be super smooth during summer.
[Sorry... that may have been TMI, but whatever, it's my blog right?]
Anyway, while perusing the internet & looking at bathroom decor...
I ran across this awesome blog, My Cup of Te.
Which led me to her new company... Society Social.
Which led me to find some amazing stuff.
And I just love these bar carts!
I saw in an interior design magazine the idea of decorating your kitchen or dining area with one.
& I just loved it!
So... anyway, here it is... the bar rack I've been talking about...

Obsession of the Day #3: Bar Cart

Now if only I had $549 dolla bills laying around...
Someday... or DIY project???
Seriously though, check her site out. I love it all!

Photo from Society Social

Wordless Wednesday #2: My Boyfriend


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