Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sundays at Home #18: Chairs, chairs + more chairs

I know I have been MIA lately...
I have been so crazy busy it is kind of getting ridiculous.
Wedding season is in full force now + I've been prepping everything for this spring's weddings...
Also, we have gotten a lot of new inquiries lately which is so exciting!
We have started booking more and more weddings for 2014 which is also really exciting!
I love being busy so it's like been so much fun!!
Although, being so busy makes it so hard to keep blogging...
But today I have some free time finally + so I wanted to put together a little blog post.
I stumbled across Industry West today + am pretty obsessed.
I have this weird obsession with unique chairs.
I don't know where it comes from but I hate boring chairs.
I mean haaaate.
I think if you had asked me a year ago what my favorite type of chair is I would have said a couch?
But now... no I would say ghost chairs, eiffel based chairs, tufted chaise lounges... 
So anyway, back to Industrial West.
Loving the chairs... here are some of my favorites I just might have to add some to our home. 

Seriously loving the industrial look.
Think it would fit with our super modern living room?
I'm thinking yes. 


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