Monday, April 30, 2012

Dream Wedding #13: Pronovias Dresses

It is way too early right now. 
345 am to be exact.
My flight leaves at 520am so that gives me about 15 minutes...
But I ran across these wedding dresses last night & was in awe...
Figured since I'd probably not get a chance for some Monday Morning Wedding Inspiration
That I could at least post some really amazing wedding gowns.

Dream Wedding #13: Pronovias Dresses

Gosh the first & second one I think are my favorites...
I love the sequins & sparkle.
Am sort of obsessed...
You must check out Pronovias now
You will be in awe like me I promise.
I tried to figure out where you can buy the dresses,
& it looks like there are many dealers across the US.


Photos: Pronovias

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sundays at Home #8: Design Darling

Today I ran across Design Darling {the boutique} while checking out Second Street East & I fell in love! They have such cute glamorous decor I had to share!

Sundays at Home #8: Design Darling

They have accessories, art, decor, desktop & matchboxes!
I definitely would recommend checking them out here :)

Tomorrow I leave for Washington to visit my friends back at college!!!
I really hope it's not too cold.
I've gotten so used to warming sundresses & flipflops
And I hear the weather there is 65 & partially cloudy.
Anyway, if I don't update much that week that is because I am having a great vacay!
A much needed vacay!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Fancies #34: Amusement Park Date & a Hot Date

This week's Friday Fancies theme is Date Night. I made a date day and a date night outfit because tomorrow the boyfriend & I are road tripping to Atlanta to go to Six Flags!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love roller coasters & could not be more excited!! Be jealous! ;)

Friday Fancies #34: Amusement Park Date

 & a Hot Date Night

You all have anything fun planned this weekend?
I also have a wedding on Sunday! 
Then Monday I leave for Tacoma to visit friends back at college!
Can't wait!!! :) 


Happy Birthday Baby Bristol!

Today my family welcomed a new baby girl!
My cousin, Jamie, who is more like a sister
Gave birth to a precious little girl this morning!!!
It's crazy to think just last June she was getting married!
You can check out her wedding here!

She's cute eh????
I can't wait to hold her & meet her!!!!
Her birthday, April 26th, is also my crazy lil nephew's birthday!!
He turned 9 today...
He's the crazy monkey dinosaur on the right...

Ahhhhh now I really miss them!!!!!
Luckily I'm going to Myrtle Beach for an entire week in July
& my 3 crazy nephews and brother
the new baby, and all my aunts & uncles and cousins will be there!
I cannot wait!!!!!


Wedding #48: The Mackey House {PART 2}

When I woke up this morning with a Twitter notification from Layla about the Mackey House wedding being on Style Me Pretty Georgia I was super excited! & instead of going back to sleep like my mind & body was telling me, I jumped out of bed to check it out! I wanted to share some of my favorite images & I hope you all will go check out the rest of the photography done by the absolutely amazing Shannon Christopher

{Real} Wedding Inspiration #48: The Mackey House {PART 2}

Isn't she a beautiful bride?? She looked so gorgeous in her dress!
And notice those beautiful emerald earrings?!?!
David gave her those that day :) How precious & sweet is that!
I thought they looked absolutely perfect on her!
I hope in the future to work at more weddings at the Mackey House
& with Shannon Christopher Photography!
It was really one of the best weddings I've worked at!
Now I would love it if you would go over to Style Me Pretty Georgia
To check out the whole post & leave some love!! :) 

{Wedding coordinator} Simply Savannah Events
{Photographer} Shannon Christopher
{Bridal Flowers} Garden on the Square
{Ceremony/reception flowers, bridesmaids bouquets, decor details} Jackie Brooks
{Cupcakes} Cissy Bates, a bridesmaid


Photos: Style Me Pretty and Shannon Christopher--click above on Vendor links!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting #2

This week has been a really crazy one! I have worked every day & woke up Monday with a sinus infection... which wasn't too bad considering that only my throat hurt, but it did make it hard for me to sleep because whenever I'd swallow in my sleep it's hurt so bad it'd wake me up. It's going away though now that I'm on meds. Anyway, when I was up from 4am to 630am not able to sleep I watched the awful Lifetime Movie with Shannon Elizabeth (foreign exchange student from American Pie). & this got me thinking... I will hire a wedding coordinator for my wedding to avoid the family/relationship drama that goes on in this movie! 

The movie is all about this fairytale couple 
who start planning a wedding & it's a big ol' disaster. 
So much stress is put on them they end up calling off the marriage.
I think that's why it's important to include a wedding planner in your budget.
You can tell them your vision & they manage all the organizing & research
While you get excited for the biggest party of your life!
So anyway, for this Pinteresting Wednesday I decided to show pins of my dream wedding!! :)

Oh, How Pinteresting #2
And now some random fun pins...

{Bouquet} Succulents, succulents & more succulents!
{Bride tearing up} I want to write my own vows & have a moment like this...
{Boudouir} I so want to do one of these... someday... maybe...
{Wedding cake} I want a real elaborate & pretty wedding cake
{Wedding dress} I love backless, sweatheart, lace, trumpet wedding dresses
{Photo Booth} This is so happening... with props...
{Print} I like it. A lot.
{Little kid} Can you look at me & not laugh? Didn't think so.
{Katniss Girl on Fire} Still obsessed with her.
{Best Kept Braid Secret} Gotta try this.
{Katniss #2} Girl crush. Girl crush.


Wedding #47: Light Blue & Fuchsia Crush

Wait for my post tomorrow & you'll see why I have a color crush on light blue & fuchsia. Ignore the fact that until today I thought fuchsia was spelled "fuschia"... So anyway, that is why I decided for my link-up today with Something Charming I wanted to do a wedding inspiration board using colors instead of a theme. And I think these colors would be perfect for summer or winter. Light blue to me makes me think cold icy weather or a blue summer sky. And fuchsia is a bold color which I think can be summery or wintery.

Wedding Inspiration #47: Light Blue & Fuchsia Color Crush

Ohhh I don't know about you but I seriously love this color combo!
I love mixing pastels with bright pops of color.
I think the contrast is so pretty :) 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Calling all Interior Designers/Aspiring Interior Designers...

I need your help..
I have a big problem.
A big blank wall.
And I don't know how to fill it.
And I've tried putting something rectangular over the TV
But the distance between the shelves on the left & the shelves on the right looked so off-balanced that I just don't think something rectangular will work & I truly don't know what to do.
I personally think the shelves on the right need to go away, but then what do I put there?
I don't have a huge budget & would prefer to really not have to spend too much.
So this is where you come in!
I am looking for an interior designer or a student in interior design or just anyone who loves interior design to help me!!! I want need your help!!
So if you are interested in writing/creating a guest post to help me fix this big problem
I would love to post it & also add a link/ad to your blog on my sidebar!
And not only that but use your advice and show the before/after pictures!!!
E-mail me at if you are interested or have any questions!
Now to the ugly ugly ugly living room that makes me cringe on a daily basis.
I am not liking the turquoise at all anymore
& would like to slowly get rid of it and add navy blue instead...
And well any other accent color. I just need advice in general & am open to any suggestions
That will make this house/room more beautiful!!!! 

{Please forgive the poor quality of the photo, I used my iPhone since I lost my camera charger..}

I would seriously love love love any help or advice!!!!!
Because I have tried & tried again and I am stumped & stumped again...
Do any of you guys have a trouble spot in your house you just can't get right??


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