Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Post Wedding: Whimsical Wedding

Here is another installment of my Tuesday Wedding Inspiration
on Layla's blog!
This is another post I put together using pretty much only Etsy!
Only the first picture of the girl is from Pinterest.
I've been trying to do this to avoid my inspiration boards
being the same stuff everyone is already seeing.
This is my way of trying to add some uniqueness to wedding inspiration boards
while also sharing some amazing Etsy finds & vendors!
I'd love it if you'd go to her site to check out the whole inspiration board
& leave some love so she'll let me keep making wedding inspiration for her!
Check it out here!

Guest Post Wedding Inspiration: Whimsical Wedding

Everything has been so hectic lately with moving!
Tomorrow I have the whole day off so if we get our wifi up & running
there will be pictures to share!! :) 


Photos: 1, 234

Wedding #29: Love at First Flight

Big day today because it's moving day!
I am super excited! 
But first things first... monday morning wedding inspiration!
This past weekend my dad came to visit!
For Christmas I bought my dad & boyfriend a round of golf at a very nice golf course in town.
So while I caddied & drove the golf course around, they played.
Then yesterday we all 3 & Winnie walked around Forsyth Park,
then my bf gave me dad a tour of his work (helicopter stuff)
My dad has been a pilot since he was really young & he has a small plane.
My bf wants to be a pilot someday and he knows a lot about helicopters.
Sooooo... my dad & bf's love for flying plus this amazing wedding gave me today's inspiration.

Wedding Inspiration #29: Love at First Flight


P.S. Cool thing about the pic of the airplane flying...
That's the same type of plane my dad has, but my dad's is more yellow.
And... that picture was taken in Corvallis which is very close to my hometown!
It's beautiful eh?? 

P.S.S. Agh, & it's Tuesday now so I posted this a day behind
but only because I'm moving & we don't have wifi yet!
Yesterday was seriously hectic!
But I got everything out of my apartment!
And it felt absolutely amazing being excited to go home instead of annoyed/angry.
Good deal!!! :) 

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 45, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays at Home #2: Etsy Love

Before writing anything... I must say to everyone...
for all the positive feedback on the shoot I was in!
I was really nervous about sharing it but you all made me feel so good!
To all my followers and visiters to my blog, you all are amazing! :) 

Well, we (boyfriend & I) move tomorrow.
I am soooo excited!
I have wanted to move out of my apartment since mid-October.
So I am really happy it's finally happening!
I can't wait to start decorating & I hope it turns out super cute!
For this Sunday at Home post I decided to turn to Esty instead of Pinterest.
For some fun random home decorations! 

Sundays at Home #2: Etsy Love

I can't wait!!!!!!!
So so so so so so excited!!!
But not so excited for the moving part...
I have a lot more stuff then I did when I moved into my apartment.
Oh well, happy Sunday!
I'll be hanging out with my dad, boyfriend & Winnie all day!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Me in a Bohemian Styled Shoot

So in October I did something I have never done before. 
Something I never thought I would do. 
Layla asked me to be in a styled shoot... I instantly said yes not thinking much about it. 
I got one of my friends to be my fake hubby & I have to say we had a great time. 
Lots of laughing & joking around. 
Alexis Sweet was the photographer & she made me feel so comfortable. 
I was really nervous & self conscious at first. 
I didn't want to have pictures taken of my bad angle or of me making an ugly face. 
But Alexis made me feel really comfortable & made me laugh a lot. 
Although, I don't think I gave her very good "serious" faces. 
And taking pictures straight into the sun was hard to keep my eyes open. 
But she was patient with me & I do like the way most of the pictures turned out! 
Layla did an amazing job styling the shoot with a Bohemian theme. 
Anyway, I've finally gotten over my "shyness" of these & decided to put them up!


And these are amazing vendors that put this all together:


Friday Fancies #21: Blog Swap & Celebrity Status

This week on Friday Fancies we did a blog swap!
I was so excited because I love getting to know another blogger a little better! 
My partner is Victoria, a 20 something girl from Boston. 
She like me... loves chevron! & anything pretty! She is super adorable & 
posts some great stuff on beauty, fashion, & style so I was excited to be paired with her! 
We decided to do our Friday Fancies on a Celeb we like. 
She did an amazing post on Kourtney, which I totally love because well...
Out of all the Kardashians she is by far my favorite
Anyone been catching the most recent episodes? 
Kim Kardashian (ah-hem) I can't even handle, but the storylines between
Kourtney & Scott always have me laughing. 

So meet Victoria:

Nicole and I decided to create looks based on our celebrity fashion faves. Despite your personal feelings towards the Kardashian sisters, there is no denying that they know how to dress.  I really love the way Kourtney dresses, both for day and evening. She is my fave of the three, hands-down.

Anyone who loves leopard accessories, Birkin bags, and wearing black with pops of color is right up my alley. I love that she is always looks extremely put together, yet it seems effortless.  She seems to have a formula that just works -- eye-catching accessories, flowy blouses, skinny jeans, and a great set of sunnies.  Here is my outfit based on my favorite look in the above collage (top right-hand corner).

Who is your celebrity style icon?

A special thanks to Nicole for letting me take over her blog today!! I would love for you all to stop by lamb loves sometime soon -- have a lovely weekend!

xoxo -- victoria

I am totally loving her outfit she put together!
Especially that fur vest... & just everything, so chic!

Alison over at Long Distance Loving made me an awesome 
personalized Friday Fancies banner!!! 


Calypso St. Barth Libby Blouse
Barney's Co-op Raccoon Fur Vest
Joe's Jeans Skinny Colored Jeans (in rust)
Christian Louboutin Demina Boots
Yves St. Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote
Vintage Chanel Earrings
Ray-Ban Craft Outdoorsman Aviators

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday DIY #1: Jamie's Baby Shower

So Thursdays is going to be anything having to do with DIY.
Whether it's for an event, wedding, home decor, anything.
So, I am planning my cousin's baby shower!
The theme is Gold Giraffes & Champagne!
[Not literal champagne, but the color champagne.. tehehe]
I have so many fun ideas & I need to get started on making everything!
A lot of the stuff I wanna use is going to be DIY so I figured it was the perfect first post to my...
Thursday DIY series!

Thursday DIY #1: Jamie's Baby Shower

To-Do List:
1. Spray paint mason jars gold 
[Lovely Little Details blog has a tutorial on this... 
there isn't much to it, but I just wanted to mention her since 
she is a really awesome blogger & was really helpful when 
I asked her a formatting question about my blogger banner!]

2. Make poms with fabric or tissue paper 
[Jessica Demaio at A Simple Kind of Love has a 
great tutorial on how to make fabric poms.]

3. Follow up with Kelly 
[Kelly is doing all the desserts for the shower. 
Kelly is absolutely amazing to work with so far!
I e-mailed her & said can you do all the desserts on my Pinterest?
She said yes, I said you're hired!!!!]

4. Print out the Printable Invitations, Food Labels, & Cupcake Toppers 
[Lauren at Details Beyond Design has been amazing with this! 
I saw a Giraffe baby shower invite by her & she customized the colors for me!
She even put up with my lack-of-ability-in-using-Pay-Pal 
& I'm so excited to feature her amazing printables!!]


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Do It

If I didn't feel like a nimrod before, then I sure do now. I can't believe what I'm seeing right now on Hostess with the Mostest. Before I decided to buy my cousin's baby shower invitations off of Etsy from an amazing little shop, I actually created invitations that were chevron ombre with a giraffe outline on it in a damask print. & they were really cute but I was scared that people wouldn't like them. Now I am looking at one of my favorite blogs, Hostess with the Mostest, seeing something I had the idea to do 2 months ago but didn't because I was embarrassed!?!?

From now on I just need to do it. Stop over-thinking it & just do it. I might fail along the way, & I am sure at times I will fail along the way but at least I won't look back like this moment & regret not trying.. I don't ever want to think again.. wow I was going to do that but I just didn't get around to it or I was too scared to try & fail. Now I am super bummed I didn't do it first!
Now I just need to listen to my own words of wisdom & do what I dream. Goal: start my Etsy shop by next Tuesday. I have several ideas already stocked up in my head, and I need to just put aside a little bit each day to start it! On a related note, how amazing does the chevron ombre printables look? I am absolutely loving it all! It is 2 of my favorite trends mixed together!!! I think obviously it would have looked cuter with some giraffes on it... but it's still pretty amazing & adorable!!! 

Now for some personal inspiration to get pumped up:


Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Dream Wedding #4: The Escort Card

So I am really excited because for my Wednesday posts I want to keep up with my Dream Wedding series. And I found this awesome Wedding Wednesday Link-Up Series to join on Something Charming that is all about weddings! For my first link-up & continuation of Dream Weddings I am going to showcase some fun escort cards! I love all the little details that go into making a wedding beautiful & unique and the escort card is no exception. I think the creative ones are so fun & really make a wedding unique if they go with the overall theme or look of the wedding. 

Dream Wedding Wednesday #4: The Escort Card 

This post was hard to make because my eye is so fuzzy right now. Hmmm... shower time & homework time!!!  Today I have to draw 30 sketches... It's going to be hard for me to concentrate because we still haven't heard back on the house... Anyway, I have to come up with an artist/celebrity/etc. & then make a poster. I'm thinking Taylor Swift, because look at these images from the vogue she was just in... Lots of bright crazy colors & inspiration to work with. I'm really nervous about this project because my teacher showed us past assignments that students did & seriously they look something a professional graphic designer did & my skill level is like a 2 using PhotoShop. I need to come up with 2 more people to do... 

Anybody got any good ideas??? 


Photos: 12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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