Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Color Splash's David Bromstad

I found a new show that I am currently obsessed with.
Anyone seen Color Splash with David Bromstad?
He is pretty much amazing & I love watching what he comes up with.
Although I doubt I would ever decorate a room that eccentrically...
But the show definitely gives me some inspiration!! 
Inspires me to start painting too.
If you haven't watched the show I would definitely recommend it.
Here are some of my favorite rooms he's decorated:

Color Splash's David Bromstad

I also love watching Design Star.
Anybody watch that??
The 2 blondes are my favorite!!! 
I don't know their names...
One is young & super pretty, the other is the older lady.
I hope one of them wins.
Anyway, on a completely random note...
We bought a cat!

Meet Tigger:)
What's cute is he was named Tigger when we got him.
Considering his older sister is named Winnie... Cute right??
I'm pretty much obsessed.
Here he is taking a nap on my boyfriend's shoulders after exploring our entire house
& after killing 3 flies...

Although I must say he will not be allowed naps before bedtime
because I was woken up at 3am in the morning with a little kitty playing with my head/hair...
We put him on the ground & he jumped back up a few seconds later.
Tried that again & of course he came back.
Finally we put him out in the living room.
I feel bad though because my roommates told me this morning that he was meowing outside their room & one of them finally let him in hoping he would sleep. Yeah that didn't happen.
So moral of the story is... little guy gets no naptimes until bedtime.
Now to Winnie...
She was not happy yesterday when I brought home Tigger.
She refused to even look at Tigger & Tigger hissed in response.
I felt so bad because Winnie was already stressed out because of the thunder storm.
Her thunder shirt is definitely not helping...
This is what she did...

I really hope they can become friends someday soon...
You know maybe look something like this...


{Photo Credits} David Bromstad gallery // Winnie the Pooh via Arthur's Clip Art


hollyfoxenwells { threelayercake.blogspot.com } said...

I am crazy for all design shows. Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis! I will have to check out this new Color Splash show! Thanks for the tip!

Have a great day, beautiful!

holly foxen wells

Southern California Chic said...

LOVE Color Splash! How cute is David Bromstad?! I want him to come and redo my house! Love that show! I also love Property Brothers too, have you seen that one?! I reallly love it!

XO Lucy

ashlyn williams said...

i have never heard of his show, but now you have got me intrigued! def going to check it out :] the kitten picture is too cute!


GlamorousGirl said...

so cuuuteee :)


Danie at Pasadya said...

Love the coffee table in the third photo!! Wasn't David on Design Star? I think I remember watching him forever ago. Oh my gosh, Winnie is too cute. She made me laugh out loud hiding away from the storm.

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