Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sundays at Home #11: Beautiful Rooms

Whoa how weird. 
This is my first Sunday off in forever, so it actually is a Sunday at home for me.
The bf & I have a list of home chores to do today! 
& I couldn't be more excited! 
I think I might even attempt to paint some wall art.
This could be interesting considering last time I painted I hated it.
But I still want to try again because I love trying to make my house beautiful...
But am on a budget for one & for two we will be moving when our lease is up.

So no point in spending oodles of money when our next house might be decorated differently.
But anyway, here is some beautiful room inspiration :)
And if I do happen to paint something fabulous... then I'll definitely share with you all...
Maybe... lol! 
Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday! 

Sundays at Home #11: Beautiful Rooms
I love the deer head, the rustic looking dresser & that painting. If I do try & paint... that's kinda what I'm going for.
How incredible is that cabana styled closet? When the bf wakes up I'm asking if he'll make me one.

Sorta really obsessed with the chair with the fur throw over it. We need something for this awkward corner in our bedroom. This is my inspiration from the really awesome blog Elle & Ish
I've been dying for a chevron rug. If we find a plain rug today I'm buying it & gonna DIY.
I would have added more but the bf is officially awake now so
we are going to get on with our crazy day of home stuff!!!!! 

{Photo Credits} [1] Deer Head & Painting via Glitter Guide // [2] Cabana Closet via Glitter Guide // [3] Chair with Fur Cover via Elle & Ish // [4] Kitchen with Chevron Rug via Danielle Oakey Interiors


Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Can't wait to see your painting! I have been trying to do some myself and actually enjoy it! I hope you do too!

I love that top photo and have been trying to get my husband to let me paint the wood base of his deer head white...I told him if he did I would allow it in the living room :) We will see if he finally agrees to it!

Have a fun Sunday at home!

Candice said...

That chevron rug looks great!
I hope you have a great 'at' home, home day with the bf!!! :)

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