Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding #10: Fall Into Love

Last night I went to Kroger's at about 1045pm to get chocolate ice cream.
It was fabulous.
While walking in to the store I noticed the really pretty fall flower display they had outside.
I loved the small yellow ones that weren't fully bloomed yet.
They were so pretty & instant inspiration...
for my fall wedding inspiration board!
Which is perfect since I hear Sept-Nov is a popular time for weddings in Savannah
since the weather is so nice & not as hot!

Wedding Inspiration #10: Fall Into Love

On another note, I wouldn't recommend getting married on Halloween.
My brother did & well, that didn't last.
So now I just think that day is a jinxed day to get married!

Photos: Table decoration from Ruffled Blog, Reception decor from the Wedding Planning Guide, food arrangement from Coren Moore, table numbers from Papergirl studios, invitations from Whimsical Prints, boutonniere from Brush Fire Photography, sign from Country Sweets, dress from Saks Fifth Avenue, cake from Pinterest, cookies from Pinterest, ring bearer pillow from Martha Stewart Weddings, wedding cake topper from Unique Fall Wedding

Friday Fancies #7: Fall Into Boots

When I found out this Friday Fancies theme was boots...
I had to showcase my favorite Frye boots that I dream about owning.
They are pretty much out of stock everywhere, but I can still dream right?
Maybe someday?
For this post I also wanted all the clothes/accessories to be from this online store I just discovered.
I am pretty much obsessed.
They have some awesome clothes & it is all really affordable!

Friday Fancies #7: Fall Into Boots

Happy Friday & Happy shopping!

Photos: Dress from Lulus, bracelet from Lulus, belt from Lulus, purse from Lulus, boots from Kaboodle

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursday #1: To Dog or Not

These past few days have been really uh...
Hard, emotional, rough.
I adopted a dog last weekend & went through a period of freaking out...
For lack of a better word term.
So when I saw this link-up, it made me smile & I decided I have to join.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... not know what to do about a situation & give yourself time to sort out your thoughts dream big & not let yourself tell yourself it's impossible have a bad day & cry to your best friend flirt go buy chocolate ice cream to lift your mood post more than 1 blog post in a day because you're excited you finally have Internet

Frog Prince Paperie

Credit to Layla Mayville for introducing me to this awesome Etsy artist!
And introducing me to printables...
I've been seeing these "printables" all over Pinterest & blogs lately.
But hadn't yet looked into what exactly they are.
But now I get it & I cannot wait to try them out at an event!
I might have to use them for my Halloween party w/my friend!
They are absolutely incredible...

Check this Etsy shop out...
She has printables for any occasion you could possibly think of 
& I believe she also does custom ones as well if you want that! 
Also, just had to post the baby shower printables she has!
This is great... & would be so adorable at the shower I'm throwing for my cousin!

Fall Fashion & LC

Alright, so if you know me you know I love Lauren Conrad.
& she is my fashion icon.
Not sure why, I just really like her style! (& hair!)
Anyway, her line at Kohl's is OK, not amazing but OK.
However, here are some fall finds that I just may have to invest in! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winnie's first Night..

Winnie's first night.
I'm pretty worried.
She hasn't eaten anything at all since she's been here.
I let her sleep in my bed...
I think she's lonely & missing living at the kennels...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Winnie the Dog

I'm getting a dog.
Picking her up tomorrow.
Adopting her from Astro Kennels.
She's a pretty black & white border collie who lives there & needs a home.
And so I am adopting her.
More posts to come. :) 
It's about time I have a dog of my own.

I changed her name from Katie to Winnie.
Mostly to name her after a dog that I played w/a lot over the summer at the kennels named Winnie.
Plus I just think it's cute & I wanted to change her name to something that still ended in a ie...
Hopefully she catches on & hopefully I can remember to always call her that!
Haha, I am pretty excited!

Halloween Party?

One of my friend's down here wants to host a Halloween party.
& let me tell you, this girl is beyond amazingly crafty.
I want some of her skills she is so good!
She doesn't believe me when I tell her all this, which is another reason why I really like this girl.
{Not too big of a fan of people who are cocky... just sayin...}
Anyway, here is my inspiration board for a fun, crafted, DIY Halloween party!

Halloween Party Inspiration

This should be fun! Now all I have to do is figured out what I am going to be for Halloween...
I want to do something fun with my boyfriend, so we are brainstorming now...

Photos: cake from Makoodle, lanterns from Crafts by Amanda, cupcakes from Hostess with the Mostest,  candy apples from Midwestern Mom Blog, candles from Budget Wise Home, snacks from Kara's Party Ideas, drink table from Better Homes & Gardens,     

Saturday, September 24, 2011

OOPS! I did it again...

I didn't follow the directions,
& now I'm paying the consequences,
Uh but really.
Last time it was my feet, this time it's my hand.
So I just crafted this onto a canvas.
It's just like a little board with wood appliques for the wall.
I painted the canvas & the wood appliques, 
then I used the spray adhesive to attach the wood appliques.
Wow my hands are so flipping sticky.
Last time I didn't follow the directions using this I basically covered 
the whole ground in spray adhesive.
It was disgusting.
My feet were so sticky they attached everything from dirt & hair, etc.
Anyway, here is the board & the evil spray adhesive sticking to my fingers
& now sticking to my keyboard.

Anyways, I really like how it turned out! I'm going to put it on the wall
& then also put an orange bow over it.
I like it!
Now if only I could would follow the directions...

Obsession #5: Internet, Cable & What's yo #

Woot woot!
Throw your hands in the air!
Woot woot!
Like you just don't care!
Woot woot!
There's a party over here!
Woot woot!
Cuz I got Internet & Cable up in here!

My excitement is gigantic right now.
I got Internet finally woot woot!
And cable & I'm watching it right now!
And this is the most annoying blog post I'll ever post I promise.
Anyway, lots more blogging now which is honestly what I missed the most!
Over the summer I was typically blogging everyday & I loved it.
It was such a relief of stress & just so therapeutic getting into my own little world of my blog.
And now that I have it back & don't have to go to the clubhouse to blog, I am very happy.

So normally my Obsession of the Day is a thing that I want.
Well, in this case it's going to be a thing that I just bought.

Obsession of the day #5: What's Your Number by Karyn Bosnak

This book is absolutely hilarious.
Emphasis on absolutely.
I have only read probably 20 pages but cannot stop laughing.
And I love how "ADD" the main character is, it just makes me laugh because I feel like it works really well because sometimes I am the exact same way & am all over the place doing so many things at once that my mind is just everywhere all at once.
I can still remember when I was 16 & my boss told me the only thing I did she didn't like was that instead of working on one cake at a time, I would work on 10...
I call it multi-tasking but yeah, I guess ADD is kinda more what it is like?
Anyway, it's fabulous & I highly recommend this book for all girls!
It is my obsession of the day because I can't even put it down, I just want to read read read read read.
Happy Saturday!
Extra happy Saturday since I have cable & Internet! Woot woot!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding #9: Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers keep popping up lately.
On Pinterest, in decorating magazines, in my brain, etc.
So it had to be done.

Wedding Inspiration #9: Peacock Feathers

I really like this theme.
Although, I do not think personally I would want this for a wedding...
But for a party I think it would be really fun!!! 

Photos: Boutonniere from The Inspired Woman, hairclip from Neva Plume, cage from Marzime, dessert table from Hostess with the Mostest, flasks from Liquid Courage, shoes from Sophisticata, table decor from Hostess with the Mostest, Cake from Pinterest, party favor from Confidently Chic, table decor from Creating Couture Parties, dress from Nordstroms, invitations from Thrifty Chic Paper 

Housewarming Party

I can't believe I've almost been here a month.
It feels so much longer.
It has been a whirlwind & I am so happy about that.
Everything has been working out pretty well so far so I am happy about that.
Anyway, my roommate & I are still in the process of setting up & decorating.
It takes so long... & takes so much money!
So I've been crafting a lot to try & save money on decor.
Once we have everything set up though we are going to have a Housewarming Party.
My guess is it won't be until early/mid-October.
Obviously I want it to look perfect & really nice before we invite people over!
Anyway, here's my inspiration board for our Housewarming Party!
I wanted a Moroccan theme idea, & found this on Hostess with the Mostest.
Obsessed with this idea!
So fun! It's classy and Moroccan-ish.

Housewarming Party Inspiration #1: Sex & the City 2

Photos: Food container from Hostess with the Mostest, lantern from Hostess with the Mostest, candles & dessert table from Hostess with the Mostest

P.S. Is it obvious that I am so obsessed with the Hostess with the Mostest site? They have such amazing stuff on there! I love it all!!!! It is the best inspirational site I have found so far... 

Lover lover lover!

My boyfriend comes home in a little over a month!!!!
AHHHHHH. I am so freaking excited!!! 
I can't wait!!
I miss him like crazy!! 
Just so excited to not be long distance anymore... it's been forevvverrr!!!!
I have already started planning the amazing dinner I am going to make for him!!!

We're pretty cool...

Wordless Wednesday #4: Tybee Island Sunset

Monday Blogging Madness
It just has to be done. 
Because I haven't blogged in way too long.
So I am going to blog ALL DAY LONG.
Get ready. 

So to start it out, here is Wordless Wednesday...

Wordless Monday of one of my favorite places ever...

Tybee Island Sunsets

If I still live in Savannah when I get married, I would just love to get married at Tybee during the sunset... it's absolutely beautiful.... 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding #8: Orange Burst

I have been loving orange lately. Orange & blue.
I saw in a wedding magazine a venue that was decorated completely in orange & blue.
It was amazing.
So that was my inspiration for this wedding board.

Wedding Inspiration #8: Orange Burst 

Ya know this is perfect timing too...
These would be great colors for a fall wedding!
& now it's fall!
Although, it doesn't feel like fall since I'm living in a warm place 
& it's not raining & it's still lovely out!
I seriously love Savannah.
& even though it's Monday it sort of feels like a Sunday since I didn't have to work today!

Photos: table decor from Hostess with the Mostest, Boutonniere from The Knot, Flower decor from HGTV, Wedding flowers from Project Wedding, Cupcake wrappers from Sweet Sinclairs, Cake and dessert table from Hostess with the Mostest, Shoes from Nordstrom, Dress from Shop Bop,  Table set up from Style me Pretty, Necklace from In Style Boutique, Invitation from By Invitation Only, Cake from Momentville, Dress from Shop Bop

Spice up the Living Room?

Our living room is so bland it sort of makes me want to puke.
And there is this chair in the living room that umm...
{No comment.}
Anyway, my plan? Spice up the living room.
I found this on Nest of Posies on making chevron curtain covers & oh my gosh they are darling.

I think she did an absolutely amazing job & I am just feigning for these! 
I am thinking of doing this in our living room but instead of red & white, 
I'll do whatever color we are going to be using as an accent in the living room.
Which as of right now I am thinking a blue color.
But I have to find the right fabric right now!
Anyway, more to come later as soon as I actually start doing stuff!
I am still waiting to get paid & once I get paid I can start crafting more!

P.S. Her blog is seriously incredible. Check out this post on this wreath she made...
Oh my gosh, I want to make one so bad but in the colors of my room!
& maybe use it as a picture frame.
I just love it!
Why wasn't I born as crafty as some of these amazing people in blog land?

Photos: Nest of Posies
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