Monday, April 16, 2012

Wedding #45: Swamps & Marshes

So the other day my bf & I went for a run through the woods... 
which turned into a swamp which turned into a marsh & was super cool. 
It is such an awesome run that leads to a river & a bridge & some train tracks. 
And there are alligators in the river... 
I'm pretty much obsessed & really excited that I have a new running path. 
But a little scared of the alligators... I hear they like dogs??
While running back from the train tracks I kept thinking how 
I wanted to use it for some wedding inspiration! 
Ohhh yeah... so this had to happen...
& now I am off to continue on Day 7 of my Bikini Body Workout Program
then run in the marsh again for my 30 min jog :) 

Wedding Inspiration #45: Swamps & Marshes

I guess it's no surprise that there wasn't much out there already
In terms of a marsh/swamp wedding...
Probably not a real popular place for a wedding or event,
But it was still fun to put together :) 

{Chair} Bonluxat
{Napkins} Zara Home
{Mason Jar Mugs} Amazon
{Alligator} Jonathan Adler
{Moss} Amazon
{Cutlery} Zara Home
{Table Runner} Zara Home
{Vases} World Market
{Lantern} Zara Home



christine donee said...

If I was near a swamp, I would totally run near it. Or get married by it. Same thing.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Beautiful! I love those tablecloths!! Are there lights underneath them? Such a good idea. I love the natural surroundings!

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