Monday, July 25, 2011

Bachelorette Rundown #2: Fantasy Suites

My Top 2 Prior to the Show:
1. JP
2. Ben F.

This season has gone by fast! I can't believe we are already to the Fantasy Suite episode.
So excited to see how it turns out! 

#1: Ben F. 
Darn, I missed getting to watch their date! I'm going to have to Hulu it tomorrow.
Cheesy when Ben takes her out of the water. 
But I liked it.

#2: Constantine
Love her crop top on their date.
The scene of them swimming by a waterfall seems straight out of a movie.
I'm jealous...
I predict Constantine will be sent home.
Whoa, just realized my boyfriend kind of looks like him...
Except for the hair, my bf has "monkey butt" hair. [Tehehehe]
Yeah he is definitely not getting a rose. 
Well, Obama is now interrupting the Bachelorette for an extremely long time...

{& we are back!}

OMG I did not see that coming!
Well, good thing he was honest. Wow. 
Goodbye Constantine, go get a hair cut please!

#3? RYAN? WHAT!?
Why is Ryan back? 
My prediction that Mickey comes back was wayyy wrong.
I don't get how they can come back on the show? 
If they don't get a rose shouldn't they be gone for good?
I feel sorry for Ryan that he came back basically to be sent home again. 

#3: JP
Another adorable crop top! I want it!
Namenalalala!? Lol. Tongue twister much?
Awwwwwwwww... JP!!!!! I want them to be together!!
I just adore JP so much & think Ben F has no chance!
OMG that was evil when she made it seem like she said bye to Constantine AND Ben F.
Jp-"Uh yeah I think I'm into that Fantasy Suite!" Haha!
I really wish he would just tell her that he loves her already... Grrr...

My Choice:
1. JP

Hmm... can't wait to see who it is her sister dislikes so much!
YESSSS Can't wait for the finale!
But Chris Harrison says it's coming up next week...LIES.
It's not for 2 weeks...

P.S. On a completely different note that goes along w/the Bachelorette...
Got retweeted/responses by 2 past contestants on Brad Womack's season. 
This is exciting because: 
1. I am addicted to the Bachelor/ette; 2. I am addicted to Twitter!

Ashley S replied to my tweet about loving 
Constantine's dad throwing out $20 dolla bills!
@AshleySpivey  hahahha I loved that! Such a pimp! 

Shawntel retweeted my tweet! :) 
@Shawntel_Newton @brittbillmaier @shawnteln_crew cannot wait!!!!! I love you bachelor girls live tweeting! Best part of my Monday!!!! :) 

Obviously I'm suuuuuper popular. [KIDDING.]


Megan said...

Ahhhh, I totally think that she is picking JP!! They are adorable together and literally LIGHT up when they see each other!

Nicole said...

I really really hope so!!! think that's who her family is going to end up not liking?

Audra said...

JP is my favorite too - he is just SO cute! I feel like it's so obvious that it's him. Can't wait to find out! And the finale actually is next Monday... the Men Tell All is on Sunday night. Yipee!

Nicole said...

@AudraOMGOSH thanks for the heads up! I would have been soooo bummed if I missed watching it live before anyone got the chance to ruin it for me!!! Haha!!! :)

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