Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updates, Taylor Swift & Hunger Games

New About Me info page design! Honestly not really sure if I like it. Will prob re-do at some point in time. Also... I love Taylor Swift. Just saying. Oh & The Hunger Games. Saw it for a 2nd time today & cried just as hard at Rue's death as the first time. I've been having a rough week, so I decided I wanted to go see it again. Been super homesick & got some bad feedback lately which is always a bummer. Watching the movie again cheered me up though fo' sho. I pretty much have a huge girl crush on Katniss. Oh & Taylor Swift too. Watched Like Crazy last night & well {1} I cried like crazy and {2} I had a love/hate relationship with Katniss. 
When I go on runs through the woods I like to pretend I'm her. True life. Anyway, here is the video of when Taylor Swift hugged me. Ignore my terrible singing... :) Now you all know why my favorite TSwift song is "Tim McGraw." I really need to download her new songs... But um can we talk about this for a minute... Did this Cosmo issue actually happen & I missed it??? The date on it says May 2011... I'm really confused, I mean there is no way if there was a Cosmo with Taylor Swift on it that I would not purchase it, which leads me to believe this never happened. But I mean it had to of happened right???  One thing I suggest you never do is ride on a long road trip with me while listening to Taylor Swift only. I tend to ask about a million questions about every song & who she wrote it about. This has happened... on more than once occasion. 


hollyfoxenwells { threelayercake.blogspot.com } said...

Awww sweetie! Sorry to hear you've been having a rough week. Just know that bad days/weeks come and go for everyone. Yesterday, I was having a rough one so I decided to treat myself to drive through mexican food, ice cream and a mad men marathon! Cheers to a better day!

holly foxen wells

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I'm pretty sure we're meant to BFF in real life. I had a dream that T and I were friends last night, and I've been daydreaming about it all day. Also, Tim McGraw is my favorite song. Ever.

I love the Hunger Games too, but not nearly as much as Taylor...

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