Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entryway Disaster

Last night was awful, I woke up at 4 am and could not go back to sleep.
I watched a dumb/silly Lifetime movie then watched Up All Night (ironic eh?)
It's a really funny show, I would definitely recommend watching it... 
Anyway, I started this post last night but didn't finish it cuz I finally went back to bed. 
But while laying on the couch I couldn't stop thinking about this... 

Things that drive me crazy:
Unfinished home decorations.
Main trouble spot in my home:
1. Our entryway

I bought an entryway table off Craig's list & painted it turquoise.
Well, lo & behold... it's way too much turquoise for me.
I thought it would be fun & bright but no, it's just too much.
I like the accents of turquoise in our living room, but I need more neutrality.
Or a different color!? I don't know. I am so indecisive.
And one minute I'll be like oh I really like turquoise & green in our living room.
The next, I am thinking wow I wish our living room was more.. something else?!?!
SO anyway the table needs to be painted a dark brown... ASAP.
Also, the accessories on the table just don't look that great... & I don't really know what's missing.
I have a vase, a frame & a lantern and I just really really don't like it.
So, for some entryway inspiration!

Entryway Inspiration

Any advice??!!
I'm thinking maybe a cool mirror instead of my Herringbone art.
& then I don't know, maybe a lamp.. some baskets underneath for flip-flops
Some candles?!?! I just don't know. Lol.
Anyway, I have today off & I am super sleepy from not getting good sleep.
And I have a sinus infection, so that doesn't help. 
But I am going to go try & work out since I've taken the last 2 & a half days off.
Then maybe I'll attempt a trip to Home Goods?
But most likely not. :)


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Jess said...

I love the last photo with the boots. I say definitely keep it simple in the Entryway. We have a really small space to work with in my home, so I can't fit a small table but I have a coat rack and a vase for umbrellas! Good luck to you!

Courtney at Little Moments said...

Glad you stopped by my blog and I had to come find out about yours!! Love everything!

And you most definitely should stop by homegoods ;) Always ends up being a good/bad decision for me!

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