Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sundays at Home #8: Design Darling

Today I ran across Design Darling {the boutique} while checking out Second Street East & I fell in love! They have such cute glamorous decor I had to share!

Sundays at Home #8: Design Darling

They have accessories, art, decor, desktop & matchboxes!
I definitely would recommend checking them out here :)

Tomorrow I leave for Washington to visit my friends back at college!!!
I really hope it's not too cold.
I've gotten so used to warming sundresses & flipflops
And I hear the weather there is 65 & partially cloudy.
Anyway, if I don't update much that week that is because I am having a great vacay!
A much needed vacay!!


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Jamie said...

I love the #3's.

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