Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding #2: A Country Wedding

This summer I was in my cousin's wedding.  It was a lovely wedding on a hot summer night in a Catholic Church. I must say... I loved everything about being in it BUT the bridesmaids dress.
That's typical though, right?

Wedding Inspiration #2: Rustic Outdoors

I can still remember walking down the aisle & only concentrating on: 1. not crying, 2. not tripping on my face in my 4inch tall Steve Madden heels... (I succeeded at both goals; however, I cannot say the same for my toast the night before at the rehearsal dinner...)

Best part about the wedding? THE RECEPTION. It was outside in my uncle's backyard under that huge tent. The decorations were very rustic yet pretty. And the dancing was a blast! 
Oh... & the fireworks were a nice touch! ;) 


Maria said...

Hi! I found your blog on the "blogaholic site" :) your page is so fun and full of inspiration! I love all the coral and blue decor and I just had to comment on this country wedding, being that I'm a lil' obsessed with country music...hence the name of my blog. Looking forward to following!
Ps-love what you said about yelling on the phone ;) so true!
Happy Sunday!

Nicole said...

Awww thank you!!! :) And I loooove country music so I'm gonna follow back!! :) Thanks for the follow!!!

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