Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dreaming of a PINK Summer

I usually ignore contests & what not. But was inspired when I received a text yesterday from Victoria's Secret Pink about their Pinterest Challenge. Probably only because I'm obsessed with Pinterest... & I love Victoria's Secret! So I decided to create a Pinterest board & enter the contest to win a $250 gift card to Victoria's Secret. And decided to make a Pink Summer Party inspiration board! On a side note, I've officially started the 8 Week Bikini Body Program. I know I'm not fat, but I am very self conscious about my legs & arms and have decided it's time to get healthy, fit & toned! This time I will stick with it because summer in Savannah starts now & I want to feel confident all summer long in my bikini! :)

Party Inspiration #2: Dreaming of a PINK Summer

Anyway, back to the working out to get ready for summer fun...
If you don't have a gym membership but want to get in shape
I would highly recommend checking out Life Plus Fitness Blog.
She has some amazing workouts & programs!!!
I am currently doing the 8 Week Bikini Body Program
& what I love about it is that everyday is a different workout 
which is perfect for me because I get bored so so fast...
And they are not easy workouts, they take about 45 minutes
& then she encourages you to run 3 miles or 30 min after.
I'll let you guys know the results in 7 weeks and 5 days :)
Now for the planning guide for all of you Dreaming of a Pink pool party...

{Straws} The Party Fairy
{Floating Beer Pong} Home Wet Bar
{Pool Tubes} Amazon
{Bar Cart} Society Social
{Cocktail Sugar} Deli Cove Spices
{Beach Sexy Tanner} Victoria's Secret

Gah, I seriously need want a pool day!
How relaxing it would be to lounge by the pool
with my Hunger Games book & a ice cold spiked pink lemonade ;)



Heather - Chickabug said...

Fabulous inspiration!! I don't feel like that much of a girlie-girl until I see this much pink and totally flip out over it. ; ) I want my summer to look just like your pinboard, LOL!

bridechic said...

I understand totally! I'm a true Pinterest fan and actually have a PINK board up on the site.

oxoxoxo from San Francisco,

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

loved this post! pool sounds nice right about now...

Danie at Pasadya said...

Gah, I LOVE those shoes!! I know what you mean about the getting healthy thing. I've been doing it with my husband for a while now, and I really do feel better....except those few days that I feel as if I'll die without my burger and chocolate, ha! I'm right on with you about the pool day, too.

Have a lovely one. :)

Alexa said...

Loving pink lipstick these days! :)

Alexa said...

Loving pink lipstick these days! :)

alicia said...

this post is true inspiration!! love it all.

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