Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting #2

This week has been a really crazy one! I have worked every day & woke up Monday with a sinus infection... which wasn't too bad considering that only my throat hurt, but it did make it hard for me to sleep because whenever I'd swallow in my sleep it's hurt so bad it'd wake me up. It's going away though now that I'm on meds. Anyway, when I was up from 4am to 630am not able to sleep I watched the awful Lifetime Movie with Shannon Elizabeth (foreign exchange student from American Pie). & this got me thinking... I will hire a wedding coordinator for my wedding to avoid the family/relationship drama that goes on in this movie! 

The movie is all about this fairytale couple 
who start planning a wedding & it's a big ol' disaster. 
So much stress is put on them they end up calling off the marriage.
I think that's why it's important to include a wedding planner in your budget.
You can tell them your vision & they manage all the organizing & research
While you get excited for the biggest party of your life!
So anyway, for this Pinteresting Wednesday I decided to show pins of my dream wedding!! :)

Oh, How Pinteresting #2
And now some random fun pins...

{Bouquet} Succulents, succulents & more succulents!
{Bride tearing up} I want to write my own vows & have a moment like this...
{Boudouir} I so want to do one of these... someday... maybe...
{Wedding cake} I want a real elaborate & pretty wedding cake
{Wedding dress} I love backless, sweatheart, lace, trumpet wedding dresses
{Photo Booth} This is so happening... with props...
{Print} I like it. A lot.
{Little kid} Can you look at me & not laugh? Didn't think so.
{Katniss Girl on Fire} Still obsessed with her.
{Best Kept Braid Secret} Gotta try this.
{Katniss #2} Girl crush. Girl crush.


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