Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting #1

I love a good link-up! This is one I've seen around the blogosphere for awhile & honestly I'm not sure why I didn't start linking up sooner... But I am basically obsessed with Pinterest like pretty much everyone else who has Internet, so I decided I definitely want to start linking up with The Vintage Apple. I challenged myself to find some pins that had nothing to do with weddings since most of my pins have to do with weddings & I think it's nice to do something different. So the pins I chose are all sort of random but things that made me smile. Which is just what I needed during this crappy week although today was great because I had sushi. 

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday #1

{Hunger Games Inspiration} Told you I'm obsessed with anything Hunger Games
{Bicycle Image} I would love a bike... if only I could put Winnie in a basket...
{Kid's Lunch} How flipping cute? Now I want a kid. JKJKJK
{Typographic Print} True life in four words.
{Baby Shark} Please tell me you bust out laughing just as hard as I did when I saw this??
{Cucumbers} Love me some cucumbers.
{Happy Place Picture} Makes me want to go camping...  

This was such a random post but I hope you enjoyed!



Alexa said...

The shark baby is hilarious!

Jess said...

Oh my, a shark baby? How cute!!!! I saw a similar costume where the son was a shark and the dad was a bloody shark victim! These are all stinkin' cute!

bridechic said...

I find Pinterest so inspiring and like a magnificent portal . . .

oxoxoxox from San Francisco

Eliza said...

That apple umbrella lunch is amazing!! :) xoxo, eliza

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