Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding #28: Neon Wedding

During my senior year of college I went through a neon phase.
I loved any sort of accessory, shoe, clothing article to be neon.
I kinda got out of that phase after graduation...
But Friday I decided to pull out & rock my neon yellow scarf from Nordstroms.
My boyfriend's response to my outfit? 
"You look so crazy but so cute, so crazy cute!"
Anyway, that scarf plus these amazing heels I found last night while browsing Pinterest
inspired me to do a wedding inspiration board with neon!
So for my new daily blogging posts, 
I decided I gotta start Mondays right with some Monday Morning Wedding Inspiration!
I figure what a great way to start a brand new week on a creative note
& Mondays usually suck, so this will hopefully potentially make them not-so-sucky.

Wedding Inspiration #28: Neon Wedding

That was a whole lotta neon.
Sorta reminds me of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" music video. My eyes hurt a little, but I'm definitely awake now! On a side note, I really love Katy Perry... I don't really know why but I do. Which is totally weird since I mostly only listen to country music. But, if you haven't seen this music video, I would recommend watching it! Very entertaining!!! Lol.

Hope you have an amazing start to your week! 
I have a lot going on so it's going to be one busy week
Meaning lots & lots & lots & lots of cups of coffee for me!



siddathornton said...

i love katy perry, too! she is so fun!

and i never would have thought of neon wedding inspiration, but it's so cool! i love what you put together.


Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Wow! I love bright colors but I've never seen wedding decorations so bright! I really love it!

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Oh yeah, I'm your newest follower! I love your blog!!

Grace said...

I adore the colors! That place setting looks so pretty!

Alexa said...

OH I love it. It would be such a fun time. Anything with neon is.

Nav said...

I listen to country too! but katy perry is awesome, last friday night on my playlist!

xo Nav

Emily | Recently said...

FABULOUS inspiration! I love the neon wedding idea, so fresh! I have a love/hate relationship with Katy Perry, but mostly love :).

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