Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bachelor Rundown #1: Premiere

My guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor/ette...
It is finally back on!
I'm behind by 2? or maybe even 3 episodes?
Anyway, I'm catching up now!

During the Introductions:
"Next time... sash... hat... grandma..."
Gosh could Ben be any goofier???
I am loving the girl with the British accent.
& uhhh what's with the blonde Anne who just said hi & kept walking?
the girl with the horse...
Ben, "I've never dismounted anyone off a horse before."
What!? LOL. He is too goofy.
I just don't really know about the whole grandma thing!

After the Introductions:
Got this Bachelor Ben Bracket on Ashley Spivey's blog!
She is one of the past contestants on The Bachelor. 
Anyway, halfway through every episode I'm going to fill in the brackets!
This is more of a guessing one since I was only sorta watching the first half...
But we'll see how I do...
Alright I should've waited until the dates to do the bracket
Because now I want to take Courtney & Dianna off the list.
Jenna seems crazzzzzzzzzy.
She makes bloggers look bad.
& I'm glad I didn't put Monica on the list!
Monica is lesbian? This is so odd.

After the Rose:
Who I was wrong about:
Rachel, Jennifer, Jaclyn, & Monica got a rose.
13 POINTS booyah!

P.S. Is it just me or does the southern Kacie look like a slightly skinnier
 Chantel from Brad Womack's season!?!?

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