Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fancies #21: Blog Swap & Celebrity Status

This week on Friday Fancies we did a blog swap!
I was so excited because I love getting to know another blogger a little better! 
My partner is Victoria, a 20 something girl from Boston. 
She like me... loves chevron! & anything pretty! She is super adorable & 
posts some great stuff on beauty, fashion, & style so I was excited to be paired with her! 
We decided to do our Friday Fancies on a Celeb we like. 
She did an amazing post on Kourtney, which I totally love because well...
Out of all the Kardashians she is by far my favorite
Anyone been catching the most recent episodes? 
Kim Kardashian (ah-hem) I can't even handle, but the storylines between
Kourtney & Scott always have me laughing. 

So meet Victoria:

Nicole and I decided to create looks based on our celebrity fashion faves. Despite your personal feelings towards the Kardashian sisters, there is no denying that they know how to dress.  I really love the way Kourtney dresses, both for day and evening. She is my fave of the three, hands-down.

Anyone who loves leopard accessories, Birkin bags, and wearing black with pops of color is right up my alley. I love that she is always looks extremely put together, yet it seems effortless.  She seems to have a formula that just works -- eye-catching accessories, flowy blouses, skinny jeans, and a great set of sunnies.  Here is my outfit based on my favorite look in the above collage (top right-hand corner).

Who is your celebrity style icon?

A special thanks to Nicole for letting me take over her blog today!! I would love for you all to stop by lamb loves sometime soon -- have a lovely weekend!

xoxo -- victoria

I am totally loving her outfit she put together!
Especially that fur vest... & just everything, so chic!

Alison over at Long Distance Loving made me an awesome 
personalized Friday Fancies banner!!! 


Calypso St. Barth Libby Blouse
Barney's Co-op Raccoon Fur Vest
Joe's Jeans Skinny Colored Jeans (in rust)
Christian Louboutin Demina Boots
Yves St. Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote
Vintage Chanel Earrings
Ray-Ban Craft Outdoorsman Aviators


Cheryl E. said...

Yay for blog swaps! So fun! This outfit is awesome! I love everything about it especially the fun vest!

You have a new follower :)

Have a awesome weekend!


Roxy said...

I love this, I can see Kourtney wearing all of these pieces!

Happy weekend!!

Ashlyn said...

Great top! Love it :)

Happy weekend

Adry Bonet said...

Thank you for the birthday wish =) Love your collage! I also agree with the Kardashian's having great taste in style and they always look amazing.

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