Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dream Wedding #3: The Boutonniere

I have never once spelled boutonniere right the 1st time.
It's kinda pathetic because I've pinned boutonnieres so many times on Pinterest
yet I always have to use spell check to fix it.
Hmm.. what would I do without spell check? 
Oh that's right.. I'd spell boutonniere wrong on the daily.

Anyway, I love boutonnieres, especially the non-traditional ones 
since I'm kinda a non-traditional sort of person.
& I figured what better to follow up the Dream Wedding Series after wedding dresses
then something for the man of our dreams?! 
But going back to my wedding dress post...
Since then I have been spotting a lot more fabulous dresses I love
Go check them out on my Pinterest board

Dream Wedding #3

So many fun ideas out there!
I love how creative some weddings are! 
I definitely want mine to be like that.. someday... :) 
Although, speaking of weddings...
My friend & I had a pretty serious conversation last night about marriage.
How do you have a happy marriage & make it work?
Sure, everyone goes into it thinking this is going to last forever...
But I mean how often is that true?
It's just scary to think about...
I hope someday I am in a happy marriage that lasts
With lots & lots of BABIES!!!! 
& puppies...

This is a really cool one!!! I forgot to add to my inspiration board,
but I really like it!!! 

Today is the day I leave for the conference.
Funny story about that actually.
Yesterday I was running around like a madman trying to
get all my errands done before going out of town.
So I thought we were leaving @3 then Layla says can we leave @2...
So as I am rushing home, I frantically text her saying
"ok, almost home, gotta walk/feed/medicate Winnie, grab food, 
then I'm ready shall I meet you & your place or you wanna come here?!?!"
She calls me...
Says... "Uhh, Nicole you know we aren't leaving till tomorrow right?"
Well, in the end it was really nice to have the day off.
I packed a lot of my stuff for moving (fingers crossed we are approved for the house!)
I walked Winnie for an hour & a half & she chased some geese into the lake & 
I went out for a drink with a friend to catch up.
Good day & a funny story, what more can you ask for?

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Nikell said...

Great post!
As a married woman, I think the best way to have a happy marriage is to put God in the center of it. Respect is a big thing too. I don't think people value to vows of marriage or take it seriously as a whole nowadays. It is something sacred and serious. The idea of spending the rest of your life with someone is indeed scary. But with God ALL things are possible. (^_^)

natasha {schue love} said...

What a gorgeous blog!! Loving all of these boutonniere ideas...especially the succulents! :)

Kelly said...

I love the succulent ones! But i love succulent everything, so that's hardly a surprise...

M.B. Captured said...

Love the succulents, such an organic and natural look.

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