Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bachelor Rundown #3: San Francisco

definitely missed the 2nd episode!!!! 

During the 1st Date: Emily
She almost kinda looks like Ali... or is it just me?
Jennifer was really just looking through the telescope?
This show is way too overproduced.
I'm actually sort of embarrassed now that I'm even watching it... And Ben did the only thing he could think of? Give her a kiss... I can't handle this show right now. I will admit though the story about her online dating & her brother responding to her is hilarious... I don't think she will be the one but I think she will last awhile. And it doesn't even surprise me there are fireworks going off while they kiss... LOL. 

During the Group Date:

This episodes makes me wanna go snowboarding. Hahahah at the girl who did the splits! I really like Kacie B & think she is probably my favorite. 2 people I'm not really fans of? Rachel & Blakeley. 
Can't believe Brittney goes home before her date. She probably won't regret leaving, but I'm sure her grandma will!

During the 2nd Actual Date: Lindzi
I think she is really cute!!! 
They sure are making out a lot, I'm sure she'll get a rose!
And I can't believe how she was dumped... Welcome to Dumpsville? Population 0? Really?
I think she'll stay around a little while for sure.

During the Cocktail Party:

I can't believe Shawntel comes on the show? How weird. I really appreciate Jennifer's forwardness. Its always the gingers!!! Hahah. I am so confused... how/when did Shawntel & Ben meet? At a viewing of the show or something?! 

Best Quotes of the Episode:
Courtney-"Blakeley is the kinda girl your bf cheats on you with."
Emily-"Courtney has a personality disorder & I think she needs to be diagnosed."
Courtney-"I can carry the weight, ya know I got big shoulders."
Rachel-"You're a creeper and you drink people's blood for a living."
Elyse-"We don't reuse Brad's dumpster trash."

Before the Rose Ceremony:

After the Rose:
Who got a rose-Emily, Lindzi, Courtney (annoying model), Kacie B, Elyse (guito), Jamie, Jennifer (ginger), Casey S (cute blonde), Blakeley, Monica, Nicki, Rachel, Samantha (who is she!?!) & Erika just fainted...!?!?! & the last rose goes to NO ONE...! 
36 points
oh & turns out Shawntel has a book coming out... ulterior motives or what? LOL.

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chelsea said...

basically-a thorough re-cap, sharing my sentiments pretty closely. ha!

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