Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding #27: Marie Antoinette & an Italian Villa

My friend said she is envisioning an outdoors wedding in a villa or winery.
So when I found this hotel... I was in awe. 
It's absolutely gorgeous! 
So this wedding inspiration board features 2 things
& 2 things only:
1. Theme Spotlight: A Marie Antoinette Wedding
2. Venue Spotlight: Hotel Villa Michelangelo
If you aren't blown away by the desserts created by My Sweet & Saucy...
Then I don't even know what to tell you because wow...

Wedding Inspiration #27: Marie Antoinette & an Italian Villa

Venue Spotlight #1: Hotel Villa Michelangelo
A little more about the hotel...
When I first found this hotel in Vicenza, I just loved their outdoor area.
I envision a huge tent being set up for the reception out there
with all sorts of lavish food, desserts & drinks
& obviously a dance floor. 
The hotel also has a spectacular view as seen in pictures above.
Originally it was built in the 1700s as the "country home
of the noble Tomi family of Vicenza."
I think it's beautiful! 

Pinned Image

Photos: flowers from My Sweet & Saucy, hotel from On Hotels, bride from Haute Design, cookies from My Sweet & Saucy, tableware from My Sweet & Saucy, patio from Drake & Cavendish, cake from My Sweet & Saucy, decor from My Sweet & Saucy, hotel from Expressions Holidays, macaroons from My Sweet & Saucy, cake from My Sweet & Saucy
Information on hotel: Royal Demure

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Terra said...

This is by far my favorite wedding post so far. The only thing better than an Italian inspired wedding is a French-Italian-FUSION wedding!

Also... I WANT THAT CAKE! Nom nom!

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