Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday DIY #1: Jamie's Baby Shower

So Thursdays is going to be anything having to do with DIY.
Whether it's for an event, wedding, home decor, anything.
So, I am planning my cousin's baby shower!
The theme is Gold Giraffes & Champagne!
[Not literal champagne, but the color champagne.. tehehe]
I have so many fun ideas & I need to get started on making everything!
A lot of the stuff I wanna use is going to be DIY so I figured it was the perfect first post to my...
Thursday DIY series!

Thursday DIY #1: Jamie's Baby Shower

To-Do List:
1. Spray paint mason jars gold 
[Lovely Little Details blog has a tutorial on this... 
there isn't much to it, but I just wanted to mention her since 
she is a really awesome blogger & was really helpful when 
I asked her a formatting question about my blogger banner!]

2. Make poms with fabric or tissue paper 
[Jessica Demaio at A Simple Kind of Love has a 
great tutorial on how to make fabric poms.]

3. Follow up with Kelly 
[Kelly is doing all the desserts for the shower. 
Kelly is absolutely amazing to work with so far!
I e-mailed her & said can you do all the desserts on my Pinterest?
She said yes, I said you're hired!!!!]

4. Print out the Printable Invitations, Food Labels, & Cupcake Toppers 
[Lauren at Details Beyond Design has been amazing with this! 
I saw a Giraffe baby shower invite by her & she customized the colors for me!
She even put up with my lack-of-ability-in-using-Pay-Pal 
& I'm so excited to feature her amazing printables!!]



Ruby Girl said...

ooo so many lovely diy projects! gorgeous gorgeous! i love the suspended puffballs! They look awesome!! xoxo!!

chelsea said...

oh geez, now I need to throw a baby shower! what fabulous images. What would I do without pinterest?! People are so creative ;)

Jess said...

I love this idea! I am doing a black, gold & (the drink) champagne bachelorette party next month! I love the gold mason jars!

Roxy said...

oh my gosh the cake pops and macaroons look delish!

Jess said...

PS How do I find you on Pinterest?

Emily | Recently said...

OMG, a gold giraffe shower???? PRESH!!! Love your inspiration sweetie!

Mae said...

I'm hosting a baby shower in a few weeks, thanks for this lovely inspiration!

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