Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dream Wedding #1: Something Blue Bridesmaids

Along with my inspiration boards I wanted to start a Dream Wedding
to start looking & focusing on specific aspects of a wedding.
So... working as a wedding dress consultant
I also sell a lot of bridesmaids dresses.
I personally don't like the look of the same dress on every girl.
I just don't like it.
I think it is blah & I like things to be different.
Plus, let's be real here... not every girl looks good in the same dress.
So the Dream Wedding #1 board will be all about the bridesmaids. 
& not just bridesmaids but bridesmaids in blue. 

Dream Wedding #1: Something Blue Bridesmaids

Of course I had to add some groomsmen in there.. haha
Anyway, now to my New Years Resolutions...

1. Keep my fingernails looking nice & cuticles moisturized
2. Eat healthier
3. Be patient & kind
4. Find a home I love/enjoy on a daily basis
5. Sell, sell, sell, succeed, succeed, succeed
6. Do really well in Graphic Design at Sav College of Art & Design
7. Make my relationship the better than the best
8. Give Winnie baths more often
9. Learn as much as I can working at weddings & work hard
10. Keep my apartment clean, especially the kitchen
11. Possibly start a small online shop...

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Photos: Blue bridesmaids from Green Wedding Shoes, blue bridesmaids 2 from Green Wedding Shoes,  Monrow Bustier Midi Dress from Shop Bop, Leopard Print Chiffon Dress from Shop Bop, blue bridesmaids 3 from Style Me Pretty, blue bridesmaids 4 from Flutterfly Events, blue bridesmaids 5 from Pinterest, flower girl from Pinterest, maxi dress from Revolve Clothing, light blue dress from Top Shop, blue dress from Top Shop, Donna Morgan Belted Chiffon Dress from Nordstroms, earrings from Nordstroms, heels from Nordstroms, necklace from Saks Fifth Avenue, hanging dresses from Love & Lavender, guys from Martha Stewart Weddings, New Years Resolutions from Hello Again Girls

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