Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dread it more than the Dentist

So today I have a hair appointment. Actually this is take 2. Because I made an appointment yesterday. I showed up. Got scared. And left. You might be wondering why? Well, I need a haircut. Bad. Bad as in I haven't had my hair cut since it was butchered in March. The ends are awful. So basically to get my hair back healthy would mean to cut off about 3-4 inches. I freaked out. Because that also means cutting off all my blonde ombre. I did not want that but I also didn't want to spend money to re-color it. Well, I have changed my mind because it's fried and needs it. Bad. I can honestly say I dread getting my hair done more than going to the dentist... or even to that other doctor which I will just not even mention right now. So here are some pictures I have for how I want my hair...

Anyway, my fear is because of a trip I took to Brassfields Salon in Tacoma, WA in March. The only reason I put a link to that is because I am warning you... DO NOT GO THERE. After showing multiple & countless pictures of how I wanted my blonde ombre to look, they added no blonde, instead died the ends of my hair a nasty ugly shade of red.

It was awful. I cried & cried & cried some more. Finally my friends were like you need to get them to fix it. So I went back to get it fixed. Well, they tried to re-charge me for their mistake. At this point, while having foil in my hair I said take the foil out now I'm leaving now. They finally agreed to comp it. What a terrible experience. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers today goes better! I'm going to show them all the pictures from above! More to come later...if I like the way it turns out... & hopefully the ladies at 40 Volume in Savannah are understanding & nice & sweet because I have never in my life had a hair person I go back to more than once. I need to find my hair soul mate. :) 

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