Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding #3: A Taylor Swift Love Story

I love love love Taylor Swift. I know every single word to every single one of her songs.
When on road trips I listen to all her songs from all her albums...ONLY.
I have a hard time listening to her music without wanting to know every single detail of her life.
When with friends we usually have to turn the Taylor Swift off
because I won't shut up asking question after question about the song & her. 
She hugged me at her concert & I cried I was so happy...
Anyways, T Swift seems like such a romantic & so I just had to use her as inspiration for a board!
It's filled with sparkles, chandeliers, fairy tales & romance!

Wedding Inspiration #3: Taylor Swift

Well, now I can't wait until she gets married so I can be invited & see her fairy tale wedding! Haha ;)
I really need to buy tickets to her Speak Now concert...
Here's some pictures I took from her concert I went to:

Me in front of her tour bus!
My bff, Eric, & I before the concert. 
I took this while she was singing "Tim McGraw" [this is right before she hugged me!]
Best concert I have ever been to by far!

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Maria said...

I think you need to plan her wedding!! :) those chandeliers are amazing! And you got a hug from her!! I would cry too! I admire her honesty so much and the fact that she says what she wants and isn't scared to be vulnerable. I'm using her in my next post...the song, "never grow up"... *tear :)
Thanks for following! Love your page!
Happy Monday!

Nicole said...

Omgosh, in my DREAMS I would plan her wedding... I would cry so much of happiness!!! Haha! I agree, I love how honest she is & she totally knows it and isn't afraid of it either. And omg yes. I love that song & it always makes me cry! My friends & I tried listening to it after we graduated & were on a road trip, needless to say we QUICKLY changed the song because we were all crying! Can't wait to read your post on it!!!

Kimmy said...

Oh I love this wedding inspiration!! just like you, i love wedding inspiration boards. I normally collect them on my tumblr.

You're so lucky to be able to hug her..I'm jealous.

Nice blog btw.

accidental encounters

Nicole said...

@Kimmy, thanks for the compliments! :) And oh my gosh yes another person who likes making wedding inspiration boards! I can't wait to check your blog out!!

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