Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My First Link-Up

I am not really sure I get this... but I'll give it a go.
I clicked Link-up to Go Grad Girl's Blog about Why she blogs.
I think that means now I write about why I blog?

Why I blog?
There are a few reasons:

#1: I want to go into Event Planning. 
One day I ran across a Wedding Board on a blog & I loved it. And I have some experience using Photo Shop, etc. & I instantly was like I want to make these & I want to learn everything I can about planning events. I figured having a Blog would require me to start making these & using the web to learn everything I could on my own before actually taking classes or getting a job. 
But that's not all... my blog has grown...

#2: My move to Savannah. 
While looking around in the blogosphere I started seeing some awesome home decorations & I got inspired! So what did I do? I wrote my first post on how I want to decorate my new home! Well, my online inspiration turned into real life searching for home decor... which led to me changing my mind completely [aka. my post tonight]. So blogging turned into a fun way for me to express & showcase my design ideas. I figure I will start writing more about my new experiences in a new city as time goes on! 
But that's still not all...

#3: I love shopping.
So, I figured if I'm going to showcase my wedding board inspiration ideas & my home decor ideas, why not showcase my personal shopping style? Yup. Done. I hope to someday turn my Sunday Shopping Steal into a Link-up? We'll see. One step at a time Nicole, one step at a time! 
But I mean there's more to me than just that...

#4: Relationships, love? 
I am a pretty open person. Obviously, or I wouldn't have a blog. But at the same time, I hide my emotions. I find it therapeutic to be able to talk about things like my mom on here. No one has to see me cry, it's just me and my blog. And people can read it if they want, but if not... well, I got my feelings & emotions out & someday I can look back and read it and I know it will make me smile. Or maybe cry? Okay... but one last thing I promise...

#5. My obsession with the Bachelorette & Twitter. 
This is just not okay for people who follow me & only 10 other people. Blogging is my way of minimizing my live tweets about the show... now if I were around my friends I would not feel the constant urge to say something about what is happening via Twitter. But this summer, I'm not near any of my friends & so I cannot stop this urge... therefore Tweeting overdose. 

I'm sure I could write more. But I'll leave it at that. 

Now you know, why I love blogging!


Brooke said...

Thanks for linking up with me Nicole! I hope you're having fun exploring the south and getting into event planning. :)

Terra said...

I feel like your right here talking to me when I read your blog. I love it!

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