Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Steal #1: Free People Sweater

So... I really like shopping & I also really like sales & bargains.
Therefore, I am going to start doing Sunday Shopping Steals
to simultaneously showcase my style & something I found for a great deal.

Sunday Steal #1: Free People Zip-up Sweater
Today I scored. 
I went to Marshall's to return a pillow I bought & then I looked around at the clothes.
I found this awesome Free People Zip-up Sweater & just had to have it.
I love the casual laid back style of it. 
I'm a huge fan of unexpected zippers in random places on clothes. 
[The shorts from Forever 21 have zippers on the side]
Also, it has my favorite color, coral, in it. 
And the material is awesome & so soft. 
I can just picture myself lounging around all day on the couch wearing this.

Retail price: $100
My price: $29

Happy Sunday & Happy Shopping! 


Ruby Girl said...

woohoo! great find, love the cut & style of that jacket! dang free people gets it right every time!! :) you're a cutie! <3

Nicole said...

Haha agreed. I love their stuff!! :) Thanks for the comment!!

Terra said...

(1) you are very tan (the south suits you)
(2) i almost bought that EXACT same free people zip-up, but they didn't have my size in Portland... LAME. needless to say i am very jealous of you!

Nicole said...

@Terra That makes me so excited that YOU almost bought the same thing as me!!! I feel like my cool rating just went up from 0 to 0.0007. LOL. Although, I can guarantee that if you did buy it we would rock it in very different ways, eh?? <3 MISS YOU.

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