Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Change My Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes...

Scratch my home decor ideas from a few days ago.
After countless hours [well 3] I have given up on trying to find a shade of coral that I like.
I'm super picky & I don't want anything that is too pink or too orange... 
Also, the decor that I kept being drawn too did NOT go with a desert/cactus theme.
So therefore, back to the drawing board.
Well not really... because before this whole coral & light blue idea came up
I wanted to do black & white & light blue and have a really modern chic room.

My inspiration: Johnathan Adler
I am obsessed with his decorating styles!

Problem? ALL of his stuff is WAY out of my price range.
So... a lot of my new decorations may be via DIY [if I'm courageous enough to try it.]
Or, it will just be stuff that is similar...

What I want? 
{I've done my best using GIMP to re-create what I want so bear with me. Hehehe}
Hahaha... so uh yeah that came out good eh? 
Well, anyways! I think I will stick to this theme/color scheme because I really like it.
So, some DIY projects in the works? 
{The links are to the online tutorials I've found on some awesome blogs!}

#2: Chevron artwork on the wall [I'm thinking black, light blue, & navy instead of colors shown]

This will be interesting. I'm going to start with the wall art.
It looks the easiest...

{More coming soon!}

P.S. For more stuff I like, check out my Home Decor Pinterest Board

Photos from Johnathan Adler, Sugar Bee Crafts, Overstock, Seventh Avenue, This Little Home at Etsy, Deep Purple and Blue Blog, Zebra Home Design, and The Bean Bag Store


Maria said...

um, i'm gonna need that room! :)
you have such cool taste!
i can't wait to see your projects!

Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

I am honored you would include my tutorial - you could totally do it! Not that hard at all! And the color combination is beautiful!

Nicole said...

@Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet Whoaaaa how did you get notified that I included your tutorial!? Neat!!! And honestly, I had to include yours because it was the BEST tutorial online I could find! And thanks for the encouragement!! :) We'll see how it goes...

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