Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding #1: Beaches & seashells

I just got back from an amazing & fun family vacation at Myrtle Beach. I love it there. Absolutely love it. While on a long run down the beach, I started thinking of how I would love to have a beach themed wedding. Here are some pictures of wedding stuff that I love!

Wedding Inspiration #1: Beaches & seashells

It is also perfect because my favorite colors are coral & light blue... both beachy colors. I also got some inspiration from (who else, but...) Lauren Conrad's blog post on beach-inspired decorations.

Who knows... maybe someday I'll get married on a beach!! On another note... my nose & shoulders are sunburnt & I am pretty sure I just got aloe vera in my eye because it keeps watering like crazzzy.

One of my favorite moments on the beach is when the tide comes in & is calm enough for a few seconds so that the water is clear enough to see through and see all the shells. And in that very moment if you look hard enough you can find the prettiest shells that aren't broken or cracked. I found some pretty awesome shells & can't wait to decorate with them!

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prestonnesbit blog, Nordstrom

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