Monday, July 18, 2011

Bachelorette Rundown #1: Hometowns

Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted/obsessed w/the Bachelorette! 
So I figured, why not write a blog post about it since I normally tweet during the entire show...

My top 3 prior to the show: 
1. JP 
2. Ben F.
3. Constantine

#1: Constantine
 He was never one of my top favorites because I think he is a little 
goofy looking & reminds me of my fake ex-husband from college w/that hair...
But after hometowns... OMG. 
He is such a family guy and seems so sweet, caring & loving. 
And seeing Ashley around his family just seemed like it fit so easily. 
He is definitely in my top 3 right now. 
P.S. Can Constantine's dad come & make it rain $20 dolla bills in my living room? 

#2: Amesbot
A pool? Ashley-"This is soooo nice." Well duh...
Amesbot turned up the heat a bit today under those magnolias! 
He is super goofy & kind of reminds me of a little kid.
But at the same time his smile was pretty adorable when Ashley complimented him.
I'm on the edge about what I think will happen to Ames.
Probably just on the edge because last episode he wore magenta pants...

#3: Ben F.
I don't think Ben F. is sexy... Ashley & I have very diff taste.
It kind of sketches me out that he has only had short relationships.
Whoaa... Ben F.'s sister looks like Shawntel from the Bachelor season 15!
Ben F. stop crying please... you are making me cry... SERIOUSLY. 
He is stealing my heart away right now.
If he isn't w/Ashley then I want him to be the next Bachelor!

#4. JP
JP has been my favorite ever since that time 
they made out in the rain on the beach! So romantic!
He made me nervous w/his jealousy last episode though.
Really enjoyed him wiping out on the skates...
On a side note: I love their home decorations! The palm trees & orange accents are awesome.
JP is definitely my #1. I hope she chooses him! 
The picture of JP for his Bar Mitzah is HILARIOUS.

My top 3 pre-rose ceremony:
1. JP
2. Constantine
3. Ben F.

So glad she is over bad-news Bentley!
Also glad she got bangs & doesn't have a "5-head" like when she was on the Bachelor!
I bet she cries at the end of the show after she sends one of them home...


Post-rose ceremony:
I totally called it! Bye Amesbot.
Did he just wink at her? Or he was blinking to stop a tear? :(
It makes me sad he is still smiling even when she didn't choose him.
He is so respectful & sweet to her during their goodbye. Awww.
I was wrong... she didn't cry! Good, she's getting more confident!

After previews of Fiji:
OMG. The previews make it look like JP goes home... I HOPE NOT!
& I bet Mickey comes back!!!
I'm calling it.

Photos from ABC


Brooke said...

I used to be into the Bachelor and Bachelorette when they first came out. I had no idea they're still going on haha.

Nicole said...

Lol! I JUST got into it during Ali's season, but I'm sure if I had started watching it when it first came out I'd be over it by now haha :)

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