Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Tomorrow is my boyfriend & my one year anniversary of the day we met. 
One of the oysters we had at a dinner in Savannah along River Street was shaped like a heart :) 
The Story of Us
We don't really know the exact day we became official,
although it was at least a month after the night we met. 
For 2 weeks after that night he would randomly text me but NEVER ask me to hang out. 
I finally got annoyed & texted him & told him to
stop wasting my time unless he is going to ask me to hang out again.
(And yes, I am usually always this forward with guys.)
Well... finally, he asked me on a dinner date...
It was awful. 
Really horrible.
The next day he texted me asking what I was doing that night
(which seriously shocked me considering how awful our date was.) 
Since I was going out with some intern friends, I decided to invite him along. 
That night he really showed me how amazing of a guy
he was & I got the thumbs up from the intern girls... 
Fast forward 6 months later & we are driving 2911.15 (I looked it up)
miles from Tacoma to Savannah, Georgia where he moved with the army. 
Us in Daytona Beach, Florida over Spring Break in the "Tunnel of LooOoOoOoooOoOOve."
For the past 7 months we have maintained a long-distance relationship. 
Honestly, there were times I was not sure we would
make it to the one year marker, but we have. 
& like he told me tonight, it must really mean something
that we have stayed together despite how difficult &
complicated & messy & dramatic & hard this long-distance crap is. 
Us over 4th of July weekend in Nashville, Tennessee at Cadillac Ranch. 

Us sitting by the pond during my cousin's wedding enjoying the fireworks. :) 
I'm proud to say that this is the longest relationship I have ever had... &
I cannot wait to move to Savannah & be not-so-long-distance anymore.

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