Monday, July 18, 2011

Early Morning Online Shopping?

Always gets me into trouble.
Something about sleeping on the idea of buying something online,
then waking up & just doing it before anything can stop me. 

I can still remember waking up one morning & splurging and
buying 3 swimsuits from Victoria's Secret online.
And trying to tell myself it's okay since I got free shipping since I spent more than $100. 

Well, I've been dreaming about that cell phone case & so I just did it. Purchased it. I've tried to purchase it several times but my card kept getting declined for some reason... but I figured out why, I tried some different addresses & it worked this time. So now I should be getting a lovely royal blue decorated cell phone case from Pencil Shavings Paper in about 2-4 weeks. Can't wait. 

Happy Monday! 

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