Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wedding #51: Fairytale Picnic

I have been wanting to put together this post for a week now...
While browsing Green Wedding Shoes I ran across maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen.
& I wanted to incorporate it into a picnic/fairy tale engagement shoot inspiration board
using mostly pictures from seriously the cutest inspiration shoot 
you will ever see in your whole life ever.
Seriously though... for the entire post check it out here
Am I right or am I right?
Nothing is cuter right?!?!?!?
Just agree with me okay:)
It's been a long & irritating day.
Surprisingly I don't blame it on the detox, but rather on: 1. rude people, 2. Comcast.
I really hate complaining on my blog so I am just going to leave it at that.
Plus I have the next two days off to blog away, lay by the pool & read my new book.
Although, I am so so sad I am finished with the Hunger Games Trilogy...
However, I must admit that I do enjoy some 
Lauren-Conrad-guilty-pleasure-read-that-takes-a-few-hours-to-finish book.
Now, please enjoy the cutest inspiration board I think I could ever possibly make.
Most of the images in this board are from here, here or here so check them out
because I am obsessed with all three!! 

Wedding/Engagement Shoot Inspiration #51: Fairytale Picnic

So, Layla sent me a great link to a post on Blogging Crediting Images Basics
I definitely would recommend checking it out if you like to use a lot of images on your blog.
I think it's really important to give credit to those who deserve it
& so I definitely will start implementing some better blog crediting! 
What ya'll think??? :) Check it out below!

Detox update: 
The only thing that was rough today was that after work I went on a run with Winnie & I worked out pretty hard... & oh my gosh I was starving after that. Having only eaten loads of celery sticks & some cabbage soup all day I felt really depleted. I cooked up some frozen veggies for dinner & put in a dash of barbecue sauce and garlic which was really yummy, but by this point I was just so hungry that it did not do it for me. Also, all the veggies all day made me seriously crave some chocolate or peanut butter or caramel or basically anything sweet. I caved a little & had a small handful of Special K Pecan Cinnamon cereal. I know, I know! No self control at all. :( Hopefully tomorrow I do better, although I must admit I am dying for it to be Day 4 because I have been craving bananas... hahahaha. But I'm sure after 8 bananas I will be never wanting to see another banana again in my entire life. On the other hand what I do enjoy about this detox/diet so far is that I've really learned how to make a great snack which is healthy! If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about. Check out the detox I'm trying here. :) Oh, & of course... the progress... I know this is probably all water weight though so I'll be interested to see what my weight ends up at & whether or not it's easy to maintain once I'm eating normal again.
Starting weight (morning): 132.4 Day 1 weight: 130.8


{Photo Credit} Young Love Shoot via Green Wedding Shoes, girl's dress by Lullaby Birds, photography by Wildflowers // Princess & the Pea Anniversary Shoot via Love and Lavender, photography by Simply Rosie // Table setting via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Kate Harrison // Picnic via Love and Lavender, event design by Sitting in a Tree, photography by Tinywater  // Young Love Shoot // Bride & Groom via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Brandon Chesbro // Princess & the Pea Anniversary Shoot // Crowns via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Kate Harrison // Young Love Shoot // Dress via Free people // Couple on bike via Green Wedding Shoes, event design by Romancing the Stone Styling, photography by Easy Dreamer // Young Love Shoot // Invitations by Minted // Paper Flowers via Green Wedding Shoes, from Paper-Source, photography by Wildflowers // Blush Dress via Green Wedding Shoes, event design by Romancing the Stone Styling, photography by Easy Dreamer // "Charmed" decor via Style Me Pretty, photography by Tinywater, event design by Very Merry Events, Young Love Shoot // Young Love Shoot // Princess & the Pea Anniversary Shoot


Laura said...

I love these photos, so cute!

Laura xo

Marian said...

Comcast can always put me in a bad mood to!!

And I love some LC reads for time on the beach:)

Morgan Stone said...

These are some of the most darling images ever! Seriously, so cute. And it sounds like you're doing a great job on the detox to me! You definitely have more willpower than I would have :)

xoxo, me

Jess said...

Nothing is worse than having to deal with rude people OR Comcast!!! Ha! The good news is that these photos you have found for your Fairy Tale Wedding inspiration are adorable! I love the Princess and the Pea bed!!!!

PS-stop by my blog for my week of giveaways!!!! http://avant-garde-living.blogspot.com/

Alexa said...

Oh I am so inspired by the fairytale wedding ideas! So gorgeous.

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