Tuesday, May 29, 2012

H&M Love

I love H&M.
When I lived in Dublin, Ireland doing a summer internship, I always got an hour to an hour & a half lunch break everyday. Best part about this??? My work was literally a 5 minute walk to the shopping center at St. Stephen's Green. My favorite stores? River Island, Top Shop & H&M. This explains why my Friday Fancies often use clothes from all 3 of the stores. When H&M came to Tacoma I was super excited... however, I was only there a semester before I moved... 
So now I am in Savannah where other than fancy-way-too-expensive-boutiques-that-I-can't-afford... there is pretty much only Forever 21 to cater to my style. 
so uh yeah I have been loving checking out H&M lately online! Here are some many reasons why I seriously need H&M to offer online shopping!!! 

H&M Love

Best part about H&M?
The prices...
{1} $14.95
{2} $12.95
{3} $34.95
{4} $17.95
{5} $24.95
{6} $24.95
{7} $17.95
{8} $34.95 
{9} $14.95
{10} $5.95
{11} Unknown

Total = $204.50

Aghhh seriously H&M! Please get your online shopping services up!
Or well cough cough ahem... maybe for the sake of my wallet, please don't :)


{Shopping Guide--all via H&M} Swimsuit Top // Gold Necklace // Heels // Dress // Flats // Necklace // Romper // Floral Trousers // Beach Bag // Earrings // Fedora


Lauren K said...

I can't get enough of those flats - if only the stores near me had them stocked!!


Jennifer {ooh la la} said...

I agree!!! My husband is going to Chicago in a few weeks and I've asked him to make a H&M stop for me. Thanks for the good shopping guide;)

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

I love evrything from H&M !♥ so inspiring!! perfect stuff for summer!♥

Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

HOLY! The colorblock dress & chunky necklace...my faves. Seriously, my city needs an H&M. I only live in the capital of Canada, you wouldn't think that'd be much of an issue. We only just got Forever 21. Listen to me whining...haha. Have a GREAT week:)

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