Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding #52: A Surfer's Dream

With summer officially kicking off this Memorial Weekend...
I have only one thing in mind... the beach &...
I am an avid snowboarder & I recently kinda started longboarding...
But I have yet to try surfing & I really want to! 
Although, I doubt the waves at Tybee are big enough, but I will someday learn!
Anyway, with that in mind, I decided to put together a surfer's dream wedding :) Enjoy!

Wedding Inspiration #52: A Surfer's Dream


Detox Update:
I have made it through Day 4. Now there are only 3 days left! I feel very good about my self-control at this point & I am feeling good. Today was bananas & milk and this was the easiest day so far because I love bananas! I cheated a teeeeeeeny bit & had yogurt, but only so I could make banana smoothies, which were amazing that I ended up having 2, which accounted for 3 of the bananas. With 1 & 1/2 bananas I made a special treat... BANANA ICE CREAM. Made from only bananas... yeahhhhhhhh, cool right? Check out the recipe here! I loved it. No lie. I'm also feeling really good about this detox because tomorrow is meat & tomatoes day. I cannot wait for some grilled chicken & salmon!! I mean I really am sooooo so excited about this. However, the only glitch is that I seem to have plateaued at 128 & haven't seen any additional weight loss... but there are still 3 more days left!
Starting weight: 132.4 Day 4 weight: 128


{Photo Guide} Sammy & Mandy Bali Wedding via Jonas Peterson // Surfer Inspiration Shoot via Wendy Laurel // Tikis from Surfer Inspiration Shoot // Sammy & Mandy // Bride & Bridesmaids via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Justin Lee Photography // Table Decor via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Elizabeth Messina // Girl Surfer via Fashion Gone Rogue, photography by Dan Martensen // Odylyne Cardinal Ruffle Dress via Shop Bop // Seashell Necklaces from Love & Surf // Aisle Decor & Unity Sand via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Braedon Photography // Tablescape, photography by Tiny Water Photography // Bride & Groom via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Elizabeth Messina // Guy Surfer via Kane Skennar // Cake from Surfer Inspiration Shoot // Just Married in Sand via Wedding Favors // Nighttime Image from Love & Surf

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Holly said...

I love all of these! Luke & I want to have a beach wedding someday :) So relaxing and just naturally gorgeous!

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