Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Flats

So, unlike Say Yes to the Dress (which I'm watching now), we don't have to wear all black at my work just business casual. I love getting dressed up in cute work attire! I like being creative with funky prints, colored cardigans, belts, chunky necklaces, etc. However, there is one big problem I run into on a daily basis. I have one pair of flats that are comfortable enough to be walking around in. My job is very active... carrying dresses around, helping brides get dressed, walking back and forth doing price checks, etc. Basically you do not want to be wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes for a shift, so I don't wear heels at all & the few times I have are so painful afterwards. So yeah, I have one pair of flats which I found at Target 2 years ago that are gold and shiny with a bow on them and were on sale for $4.50. NO LIE. & I seriously wear these every single day & ummm, let's just say I'm surprised they don't have holes yet & they are not the best smelling shoes I own... Anyway, I am a bargain shopper for sure, but wanted to put together some designer shoes I'm lusting after... then hopefully I can search high & low and find some amazing affordable shoes :)

Pretty Flats

Now if only I could afford all of these & if they were comfortable...
Then I'd be set for life. 

Detox Update:
I'm hungry... and am so so sick of vegetables & would LOVE a piece of juicy grilled chicken. I have officially decided I am only completing to Day 5 because well to be completely honest with you all... I would like to go out this weekend & possibly enjoy some alcoholic beverages & I really don't think drinking is a good idea when I'm only intaking about uhhh 500 calories. I would probably die. So... yeah. But anyway, it's going well. I guess... but I wish today was the chicken & veggies day because I am just craving meat soooooooooooo badly. Or candy? Or chocolate? Or ice cream? Or anything other than fruits and vegetables. Does this make me weak? Yeah... yeah I'm pretty sure I am extremely weak but ya know what... Agh. I don't know. I am struggling with my weakness & telling myself I need to complete what I started. But agh. We'll see how it goes. Give me another day to make up my mind completely as to whether or not I'm going to finish it. I am seeing results I guess, but I still feel as if the weight is just water weight & I will gain it all back once I'm done? Ughhhh... the fact that I am seeing results is the only thing making me think I just need to keep going! Be strong.
Can you tell I am struggling? Okay, I'm going to the pool now. 
If anybody at the pool is grilling out I will probably go over to them, hit them in the head or shoot them with a bow & arrow like Katniss and then steal their food. 
Starting weight: 132.4 Day 1 weight: 130.8 Day 2 weight: 128


{Shopping Guide} Steve Madden 'Kimmmie' Flat via Nordstrom // Tory Burch Reva Flat via Nordstrom // Charles Phillip St. Tropez Striped Flats via Shop Bop // Adelina Raffia Ballet Flats via J.Crew // Bloch Luxury Flat via Revolve Clothing // Yosi Samra Neon Elastic Ballet Flats via Shop Bop // Dolce&Gabbana 'Milly' Ballet Flat via Nordstrom // Kingdom Flats via Steve Madden // Sasiee Flats with Heart Charm via Betsey Johnson // Cece Printed Ballet Flat via J.Crew // Tory Burch Reva Striped Canvas Logo Ballet Flats via Saks Fifth Avenue // Yosi Samra Elastic Top Line Ballet Flats via Shop Bop // Melissa Ultra Girl and Jason Wu Lace Slides via Saks Fifth Avenue


krys said...

they're all sooo adorable, i want them all!

smk053078 said...

I want every single flat you chose!! Holy heck, they are all so adorable!!! Sorry about the diet...I am proud you have last this long...I don't think I could even make it day! Don't beat yourself up if you don't finish! That thing sounds rough!

Marian said...

Love all those shoes! I'm a big flats girl (even though I'm super short and should probably wear heels) but with the laid back office I'm in, its much more easier to just slip on a pair of flats!!

Betty said...

I LOVE getting my flats from Nine West. I have had worn a couple of pairs of their flats out. And, I usually am pretty successful finding them pretty cheap if I get them from the clearance section while they're running an x percent off everything sale! I'd definitely suggest checking them out.

Susan said...

I give you credit for doing what you're doing! I seriously don't think I could do it. Good for you!! And yes, those flats, ahh! I'm a teacher so there's no way I would ever wear heels to school. The people who do are crazy! I love those tory burch orange, but the price kills me. I also love those grey and white striped! How cute!

Eloquent English said...

Be careful with 'flash' diets! They can mess with your hormones! I would die trying to eat only veggies! ESHK! PS - love those TB flats!!! EEK!

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