Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding #55: Elizabeth's on 37th Intimate Wedding

Today is a busy day!!!!!!!!
I had a doctor's appointment super early this morning
& then I worked out for an hour and a half
& now I am blogging then heading to my friend's house
to hang out before work :)
So since I didn't have the time to put together an inspiration board
I wanted to share this adorable precious wedding by Simply Savannah Events!
I didn't work at this wedding since it was a small intimate wedding,
But checking out the pictures this morning I really wanted to share
Because it looks like a very gorgeous event! 
And I fell in love with the grandma & all the little monkey kids!!!!
Can I please someday have that many little boogers?
Guess I better start soon... hahaha jkjkjkjk

{Real} Wedding Inspiration #53: Elizabeth's on 37th Intimate Wedding 

Gosh but seriously how cute are those kids & that grandma?
And is your mouth watering now or what?!!?!?
Mine seriously is... 
I could so go for some chocolate cake right about now :)

{Wedding Coordinator} Simply Savannah Events
{Photographer} Memories N More
{Flowers} Innstyches
{Cake} Two Cakes
{Hair & Makeup} Joli A
{Ceremony Music} Chris Dooley Violin Piano
{Rentals} In Any Event

Make sure to go on over here to check out the rest of the pictures!!! 



Layla Mayville said...

Ha ha ha. The idea of getting all the kids that were at the wedding to smile with the bride and groom was a lot harder than planned! The youngest did not want to be away from his mamma and poor Devon looked like, yah this was a great idea. It was really funny! I loved how family focused her wedding was.

birdie to be said...

Gorgeous ring & very fun pics!

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