Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting #6 & Dream Wedding #16

Today I decided to combine my link-ups with Vintage Apple & Something Charming. Mostly just because what I wanted to do for my wedding wednesday is basically using all pictures from my pinterest board, Bride & Groom. Since I work at weddings it is no surprise that my dream wedding is starting to formulate in my head. And it is so different than what I originally thought. At first I always thought I would want this huge party with a whole bunch of people. Now trust me... I still want my big party, but there's something else I want first. I want to either elope or have an engagement shoot with an amazing photographer. Then I think probably a year later I want to have the huge party. I just think it would be so much more intimate and meaningful for myself & future mystery fiance to do it that way... Just to spend that day with the people you love more than anything. Or maybe unconsciously this is just my way of getting to celebrate twice? I don't know. But I will tell you one thing. I do not want my wedding to be the happiest day of my life. And the reason is because than what about all the rest of the days of marriage? Are you just doomed to a life of never being that happy again??

I will admit that I do believe in true love & fairy tales. <3

Oh, How Pinteresting #6 & a Dream Wedding #16: Engagement Shoot

Now don't you want to do an engagement shoot like this??
& you know what... I just thought of something...
Looking at all these happy couples makes me happy
because I am a happy girlfriend & I love my boyfriend. :)
And I feel very lucky to have that!
I think it's fun to have an engagement shoot location that fits the couple's personalities.
Which made me think...
Just saying... now watch us see it next winter on one of these big wedding blogs.
Pfttt, well all I have to say is I said it first.
Now I'm off to get my haircut.
I hate getting my haircut.
Read more about it here.
& since it's Pinteresting Wednesday... I will finish this post with some cool hair pins!
Definitely didn't mean to only use blondes... but uhh it just happened that way.

Detox Update:
After going to the pool & having to put on a bathing suit, I was quickly reminded why I chose to do this detox. And decided to make the best of it & complete it because I started it. I may have a drink or two this weekend but that doesn't mean I can't complete the 7 days. So I will be doing all 7 days. Then next time when considering a detox, I'll stick to one that is less than 5 days haha. Oh, and I just made a delicious dinner of asparagus, mushrooms & onions seasoned with salt, pepper & garlic. It was actually really fabulous and I will be making it as a side dish for the bf sometime! I think he'd like it a lot too. So, here is to self control & willing myself to just do it!


{Photo Credits} Orange Grove Engagement pin via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Priscilla Valentina // Pillow Fight Engagement pin via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Glass Jar Photography // Vintage Picnic pin via A Couple of Night Owls // Rope Swing pin via The Knotty Bride, photography by Jose Villa // Down on the Farm pin via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Three Nails Photography // An Engagement Session at an Irish Castle pin via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Kristen Booth // Kissing in Water pin via Ruffled, photography by Brent Van Auken //  Airplane Engagement Shoot pin via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Justin Lee // Sparkly Lights pin via Style Me Pretty, photography by Love Joy Faith {Hair Photo Credits} Fishtail Braid pin // Floral Halo pin via Priscila Valentina // Colored Tips pin // Braided updo pin via Love Maegan // Beach Waves pin


Farra @ Bohemian Honey said...

I love all of those pictures! They really capture the love that is shown between each of those couples! I am soooo wanting to try all of those braids! I bet after a few tries I will give up, haha... I'll give it a go, though!

-- Farra

Allison @ In the Queen City said...

Those engagement pics are amazing!!!! Especially the ones outside.. sooo pretty!

birdie to be said...

These are so sweet! And so romantic! And I love the 'dos! :)

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