Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting #5

I have had so little free time this week! That is good though because I love being busy, but I do wish I had a lil free time to blog. I told my bf this & he laughed... I honestly don't know how some people do all they do. I guess I constantly feel like I barely have enough time to sleep, workout and spend time with my bf & dog. Well, today I am setting aside 2 hours to blog. That's it. Then I am getting off the couch & working out!! Today I am dreaming of a long relaxing beach day so I wanted to show my fav beachy pins! Next weekend I have off I will be at the beach!

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday #5

Beach Must-haves

Summer Pins
{Monokini swimsuit} Free People
{Surfer} I wanna learn!
{Pink swimsuit} Free People  
{Manicure} OBSESSED. Can I pull this off???
{Cameras} Urban Outfitters
{Tan swimsuit} Can I have her body???!?!

Beach Must-haves
{Bronzer} Bliss A Tan
{Fedora} Target
{Bikini} River Island
{Towel} Kate Spade 
{Sunglasses} Michael Kors at Nordstrom
{Tote bag}Yarnz at Nordstrom
{Sandals} Kate Spade

Those pins are my inspiration for working out on a daily basis.
Gotta get my beach body on ;)
I just went over my 2 hour limit by 15 minutes... so that's all she wrote.
Hope you all are having a tad more relaxing week than I am!!!
It won't slow down for awhile, since I don't have a day off until next Wednesday!



Sarah said...

I love those nails! I have to attempt them now. Great pins!

Ruth said...

The cameras look so fun.

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