Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Solution to the Ridiculously Large Living Room Wall

So remember like a week ago when I was sooo confused about how to decorate this massive wall in my living room? No, well that's okay you can read the post here. Well, I was so lucky because Courtney at Little Moments contacted me! And she made an amazing layout & I am seriously so in love!!! You guys are going to love it!! She created 2 inspiration looks, one with a new TV stand and a 2nd bookshelf, and the other with my existing TV stand and a 2nd pair of floating shelves. Which look do you all like better??? I can't wait to get back & actually finish the living room decor! 

I love how she was able to use my current style & what I love
And incorporate it into what I already have. 
It's funny because I actually have those exact chevron tan pillows!
And my old bedroom had orange accents & I really loved it.
I love the idea of the side tables and what!?!? They're only $18!?
That is so do-able... And I could even put some plants on them! 
Ahhh, I love it. Anyway you all need to go check out her blog
Here is a link to her Design & DIY info!
I love the navy backed shelves a lot & I definitely want to do that to our shelves.
I think I'm going to go with the bottom design though since our tv stand is new,
But I do really love that white one! And for $199 that is sooo affordable! 
I definitely need to get some more shelves for the other side.
And I'm slowly transitioning all the turquoise into navy with some handy dandy spray paint. :)
I can't wait to show pictures after I do some remodeling & get some of those orange tables!!!
Thank you Courtney!!!! You rock!! :)  


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jen said...

i love all these options, especially the accent pillows. i need to get my hands on some trendy ones soon!

life spelled jen

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