Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gray & Yellow Living Room

Inspiration for how I am redecorating my living room.
Decided to go with a yellow & gray theme!
If you follow me on Pinterest it is pretty obvious that is my fav
color scheme right now for everything! 
I also saw in a few living rooms that were yellow & gray a splash of turquoise!
And I thought it was just the cutest thing so I decided to add that in!
We'll see how it turns out...
I really need to show off my bedroom because
I think I did a great job decorating is with a light blue & orange color scheme!

Happy Tuesday!
I wish...
I'm not really that happy today.
One of my dad's best friends died today.
He was only 58 & he was a really great guy.
I remember when I was a little kid he fed me a chocolate covered cocktail onion
& told me it was candy...
I guess my dad was in the hospital w/the guy's wife & he was telling her
about me and my boyfriend and how it could be hard since he's in the army
& if we were to stay together we might have to move, but that
my boyfriend is a really sweet, caring & loving guy who loves me a lot.
And Steve was groggy & out of it because of all the morphine, 
but for a split second he just said, "That's all that matters."
When hearing my dad say that about my boyfriend...
Pretty neat story.
I just still hate it when amazing people have to die so young.
I guess God wanted him in Heaven with him.

Well, now that I am all teary eyed... I guess I better go fix my makeup & head to work!
So... ya.

Photos: couch from Overstock, antler chevron artwork from Aldari Art Studio, mirror from Opulent Items, chevron pillows from The Lacey Placey, gray pillow from Festive Home Decor, ottoman from Novi Decor, seahorse statue from Jonathan Adler, vase from Jonathan Adler, flowers from Get Best Flowers, rug from This Next, tree from Biblio Cad, lamp from Sky Iris, table plant from Pier 1, dog bed from Bow Wow Divas, dog from my loving home!! 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Im so sorry about your dad's friend. :( GLad he was able to be there with him and that you got a final blessing for you and your bf. Being in an Army relationship is tough, but o so worth it if you are doing it with someone you love!

Melissa said...

The yellow and grey will look amazing! Make sure you post "after" photos!


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