Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding #21: Rustic Fall Farm Wedding

I am a week behind on this post.
I should have posted it right before Layla posted my inspiration board...
But oh well, from now on I will work on my timing!
Anyway, every week I will be doing a guest posting of a 
Wedding Inspiration Board for the event planner I assist & work for!
I'd love your support over on her blog so she keeps letting me do my guest posts for her! :) 
Last week my post was inspired by Thanksgiving, fall, barns, & anything rustic!
Check it out here

Wedding Inspiration #21: Rustic Fall Farm Wedding

To see the full wedding inspiration board go over to Simply Savannah Events!
Pinned Image

P.S. I also meant to post this with Thanksgiving...
What am I thankful for?
My amazing supportive dad, my family, my best friends, my love dove, 
my dog Winnie & much more.

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