Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's raining can I stay under the covers?

Must force self to be productive.
Finally I have a day where instead of working in the morning I don't work until 4.
Despite the fact that means I don't get to spend time w/the bf,
It is really nice because I have all day to productive.
And I have a lot to get done today.
My reminders list on my iPhone makes me cringe when I look at it getting longer.
Honestly I wish that was all there was on it..
But that is just the must do asap cannot avoid needs to happen.
I think I cringe just because I know that all of that means spending money...
Except the returning my impulse buys!
Anyway, I gotta get some blogging out of the way since it's been a few days,
Then I am going to tackle my to-do list with the utmost effort possible!
So anyway, 
I'm going to my boyfriend's ball in December...
& I could not be more excited!
I am pretty girly girl... & always love any excuse to dress up!
So I just had to do an inspiration board for a ball!!!! 

After making that I'm really tempted to go to Genealogy
to look at dresses...
Pinned Image

Photos: notepad from Shabby Blogs, dress from Rent the Runway, shoes from Shop Bop, earrings from Shop Bop, clutch from Shop Bop

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